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By Tara Zandra | August 13, 2012

I was exhausted from the moment I got up this morning. But I pushed through and even did my workout though maybe not quite as enthusiastically as usual. The last couple of Mondays I’ve worn the kids out with my over-zealous attack on lessons. My thought process was simply that we are busy many other days of the week except Mondays so it was best to do as much as humanly possible on Mondays. Naturally I completely burnt them out. So since I wasn’t feeling my best this morning, I decided to dub today Pajama-rama! No getting dressed required (which is a huge deal in this house) and we would do a lot of fun stuff and minimal lessons. Tabs had to finish a math lesson from last week and do her history reading (hitting the Renaissnce, oh yeah!) and Daisy had language arts and she worked on her Pippi Longstocking lapbook for geography (Scandinavian Europe right now). Other than that they played together on the Pixie Hollow website, ate homemade ice cream, goofed off, and ended with watching 101 Dalmatians and eating popcorn. They appreciated the break today so I’m glad I did it.

I’m battling multiple pains and exhaustion and honestly think I’m running a small virus that is being compounded by not enough sleep the last few nights. I think tonight calls for hitting the hay right after Tabitha at 10. That should get me back to normal for tomorrow.

Right now I’m vegging on my bed with Mumford and Sons on repeat. It would be more relaxing is the cat didn’t keep kneading my stomach and if a certain 7 year old didn’t keep throwing her ball into my doorway “on accident.”

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