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No ice cream today :(

By Tara Zandra | August 14, 2012

We went to dance an hour early this morning so the girls could take advantage of the bouncer in the larger dance room. The studio has been having it every Tuesday this summer, but they charge and we’d have to be early and Dee could only do it for an hour so we hadn’t done it once this whole summer. Since today is the last day of summer classes we finally did. Of course, Tabi bounced for all of 10-minutes before declaring it not fun and she and her friend just hung out instead. But the pair of 7-year-olds had a fantastic time and more than wore themselves out before class. They were the only ones there today for class so that was nice for them. Then we brought A home for another Brownie meeting.

Again I took orders from Tabitha who ran the whole thing. She is on a mission and has a plan and apparently I am only needed to pay for supplies and prep snack. Fine with me! I actually did intervene a smidgen as Daisy was really worked up from the bouncing, then dance, then the car ride home the girls were C-R-A-Z-Y! So she wasn’t paying attention as much as she should have so I was listening to help keep her on track. The girls are still so darn cute in their little vests and they enjoy the heck out of their meetings- again to Tabitha’s credit.

I napped a bit this afternoon and I was thinking about how I’m so tired lately and I think I’ve figured it out. Back some years ago when I was pregnant with Tabitha, I worked full time. As well know, no desk job for me; I worked attractions in Disneyland and did my normal job until my maternity leave a week before my due date. Six years later I was pregnant with Daisy and was now a SAHM. I noted how the main difference in my pregnancies was how tired I was. I thought it odd as I was never that tired the first time even with working and I chalked it up to being 6 years older. But Chris’s theory was that since I stayed home I had the luxury to feel tired as previously it wasn’t really an option. So now I think the lack of going to dance every afternoon is giving me that lull in the afternoons where I have time to be tired and take a nap. Oh well, in 2 weeks we’re back to dance and tired or not, no naps for me!

After dinner (which was a very tasty recipe found on yahoo and not spicy at all despite the name) I ran an errand and then set about to make more ice cream from a fantastic recipe. The original called for fresh blackberries but several people mentioned they used frozen just fine. Clearly they have a better blender than I do because it could not handle the amount of berries in there. It ended up being a huge waste and now I don’t have yummy blackberry frozen yogurt :( I’ll get some fresh tomorrow and try again because I am determined to try the deliciousness.

Other than that I’m listening to music (mainly Mumford again) and waiting until I can drool over Matt Bomer watch White Collar.

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