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yesterday vs. today

By Tara Zandra | August 31, 2007

Yesterday was not a good day. There were sewing frustrations, class frustrations and child frustrations. I needed yesterday to end not around 10:00am because that’s when it started going downhill. I broke not one, but two sewing needles in a matter of 5 minutes and had to go out into the blistering heat to buy a new one because I was determined to finish the darn top. Daisy’s gymnastics class was full of kids as opposed to only 2 other kids like it was all summer. Turns out I much prefer the smaller class, way too many crying kids who clearly did not want to be there. Daisy had a great time, at least. I don’t care if you’re not supposed to brag on your kid, she is a stellar student. I’m not even really talking about her physical abilities (which are pretty good, hence her nickname of Monkey) but she listens so well. When she is told to sit and wait her turn, she sits and waits her turn. She does the circuits as she’s supposed to and doesn’t even think about running off somewhere else. Mind you, I’m right there because it’s a parent participation class, but all the other parents are ther too, and most of the kids (not all) are just all over the place and have zero concept of waiting. I guess us going to Disneyland every week has really paid off! I won’t go into the child problems I had at home, suffice it to say, no one in this house was a happy camper last night.

But today, oh today! was different. It got off to a rocky start with one child, but she very quickly snapped out of it. We forewent Park today due to heat and sleeping in, and instead popped into the mall to pick up a couple very cute Webkinz (and cookies). I bought one for each kid but we gave Tabitha the code for the online play since Daisy can’t exactly be involved in that. Daisy chose a small frog (named Froggy-Frog) and Tabitha chose a small hippo (named Tina). We took a quick trip to the grocery store as I had run out of Diet Coke and that’s never a pretty sight. Once home, the kids played on Webkinz together and then we had friends over. Good friends which makes it all the better. Tabi and her friend played in the playroom the whole time, Daisy napped the whole time, and my friend and I chatted- the whole time. Qutie lovely.

Right now my two darlings- and I say this today, but not yesterday- are building blocks together and as soon as I finish this post we’re off to make a TP run to Target.

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One Response to “yesterday vs. today”

  1. J Says:
    September 1st, 2007 at 10:24 am

    I know you only invited us at naptime so I would have to talk to you and not get to spend time with Miss Daisy. I knew what you were up to. ;) And I am glad you did it, I had a wonderful time chatting with you yesterday as well. Let’s do it again, sooner rather than later :)