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hot, hot, heat

By Tara Zandra | September 2, 2007

We in Southern California were going along about our business enjoying our mild summer. Then the calendar showed it was the last week of August and BAM 100+ temps. It’s hot at 7:00 in the morning and still hot at 11:00 at night. We’re supposed to go to Disneyland tomorrow and I’m not sure I see that happening. I’m also supposed to take the kids to the Tar Pits this week, but the exhibition we want to see is outside, so again, it’s looking doubtful we’ll actually go.

Yesterday we had termite guys here to treat the house. There isn’t much paneling left in this house, but there is in our room and the wooden baseboards are providing quite the feast for termites. Which in turn become a feast for ants of which we are never lacking (though thankfully not inside). It looks like we’ll be removing the paneling in our room sooner, rather than later, although since the whole house was treated they should all be dead and the remaining wood is no longer edible there isn’t exactly a pressing need. My little activist was deeply concerned for the termite population and wanted to make sure they would not become extinct by us getting rid of the ones here. I assured her that insects outnumber the entire Animal Kingdom and she need not worry. That actually set her mind at ease.

Anyway, while the termite people were here, I took the girls out to get away from the inconvenience. We went to the fabric store because I found fabric that says “apple pickin’ ” and we are, in fact, going apple picking later this month. This is the level of my obsession. So we picked up the main fabric and found two other coordinating fabrics (one for each kid) and I’m now designing their dresses. They will be fairly simple styles so they can be worn as fall dresses as well. I also had a brainstorm on a finished item and spent the evening wrestling with my ruffler. It won, I’m on to the next brainstorm.

While were out melting in the heat, Chris was spackling the wall in the living room. But he realized he doesn’t have the orange peel textrue spray that we have to use before painting. It’s something he can easily get at work for way less than Home Depot so we’ll have to wait until Tuesday for that purchase. Today he’ll sand the spackle down and then I guess that’s it. I’ve kind of gotten it into my head that we can perhaps start the primer on one of the other walls, but we’ll see. It’s Chris’s call since he’ll do most of the work because I want to sew. I will empty the bookcases for him but I’m not in the mood to be involved in the painting. I’ll talk to him once he’s up.

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