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open day

By Tara Zandra | August 22, 2009

It was so nice to wake up this morning knowing I had nothing more pressing to attend to than buying toilet paper and dog food. This is the second weekend in a row with no plans and I think we all appreciated it.

While Tabitha was at a violin lesson yesterday afternoon, I went to the Redbox and picked up the Hannah Montana movie for her. I had decided to watch it with her as the previews made it seem not terrible. And it wasn’t terrible, but there were definitely some iffy spots in the beginning, not to mention I felt the storyline was rushed in the first 15-minutes. But overall it wasn’t bad, definitely better than many kids’ movies I’ve seen.

The rest of the evening was dinner, Dodgers, kids to bed and then Psych! Great episode and very fun to watch. Next, Chris and I settled in with “I Love You, Man.” It was pretty good. Not hi-larious, mind you, but still an enjoyable way to end the evening.

This morning was fairly easy going and I don’t think everyone was even ready for the day until lunch time. Due to the aforementioned need to buy tp and dog food, we called up Chris’s parents to see if they wanted the kids for awhile to spare them having to go on errands. They were happy to take the kids into their pool so Chris and I hit Target and then Albertson’s before going back to get the girls.

When we got home, we again watched the Dodgers beat the Cubs and then decided to have breakfast for dinner with hash browns, scrambled eggs, veggie sausage and veggie bacon. Now we’ve got one kid in bed and the other on her way. I think we have a few Food Network shows to watch and then I need to pack lunches for tomorrow plus make red cabbage salad because it’s best to sit overnight.

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