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foolish ramblings

By Tara Zandra | April 1, 2009

So yesterday I needed to do a favor for my mom and I agreed to it before I had signed the girls up for ice skating. So we found ourselves with a small dilemma and in the end, Chris decided to take a personal day to help out. I talked to him on the phone while the girls were in class and he was telling me how well Daisy was doing and how she was giving him thumbs up, waving and blowing kisses. Fast forward 15 minutes and he calls me back telling me Daisy came off the ice saying it wasn’t fun and she never wanted to ice skate again. Once she’s adamant about something it’s very hard to change her mind. I talked to her a bit yesterday but got nowhere. Today I talked to her again and reminded her of the time she came out of dance class crying and saying she never wanted to go back. I wouldn’t let her quit that time and sure enough she loves dance class again and always looks forward to Mondays. She agreed that was true and then said yes when I asked if she’d do the Mommy and Me class with me. I assured her I’d be there the whole time at which point she hugged me and said I always know how to make her feel better. Of course, I can’t skate so it should be interesting.

Other than that conversation, it was a fairly easy day. Tabitha and I worked on math and on her own she did violin and her book club work. She then decided to write her own folk tale about why wolves howl at the moon. I think she did a really good job on the story, it follows a folk tale format nicely. We usually do a lot more on Wednesdays but I had a date with the hubby tonight so I spent extra time this morning coloring my hair and working with it in it’s new length.

Our date was short unfortunately, we only managed dinner at Baja Fresh and then an errand to Target and browing at Home Goods. But we were alone and that’s the important thing; I’ll take that any chance I can get, what we’re doing doesn’t much matter :)

A couple weekends ago, we were at Whole Foods and we finally picked up a Putumayo Kids CD which is world music geared to kids. We chose World Playground because it has songs from many different countries but they also have entire CDs focusing on one country such as Brazil. It was really fun to listen to on that drive home and we’ve gone through the whole thing again as well. I can’t wait to get more variety.

Along the lines of music, we’re looking to add to our music center with a tamborine, crash cymbals, and bongos. I know the cymbals are insane but they play marching band quite a bit so they’ll get some good use.

The girls really love the new art and music center set-up. I think I mentioned I replaced the plastic easel with a nice wooden one which blends in better in the living room. Not a day goes by that at least one of them isn’t over there creating or playing music. I want to get some funky curtains for the windows and we also need to visit a museum and get some small art prints to really tie the whole area in together. I could easily sew the curtains, of course, but finding the right fabric is key. Plus it has to go with our purple and gray living room.

Actually we need to replace our lovely purple couch as it is definitely showing it’s wear. We’ll go with funkysofa.com again and stick to velvet, most likely purple again since that is the color of the entry way. But we’ll get a different style so it’s at least a little different. We had said we were going to get it last year and then put it off and now it’s not in the plans for this year due to Disney World and of course in the last weeks it has decided to look really shabby yet not shabby chic.

Chris isn’t quite done with Lost yet but I’ve run out of things to type about. Night all :)

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One Response to “foolish ramblings”

  1. Sandy Says:
    April 2nd, 2009 at 5:04 am

    So of course I had to go check out funkysofas.com… I would love the “Garbo” sectional in blue swirl velvet! : )