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Got cookies?

By Tara Zandra | February 27, 2009

Yesterday did not go as planned. Sometime after lunch the girls were playing which somehow consisted of Daisy running at full tilt down the hall way. At one point she ran into her room and on the way out, smacked her head into the door frame. She screamed so much that she started to choke and was gagging. It was pretty bad and I hadn’t even gotten a chance to look at her head due to the choking. Finally I got her calmed down and checked her head and found a nickel sized lump that stuck out roughly ¾ of an inch and had a bit of blood on top as well. I iced it and gave her Tylenol immediately and she was able to calm down and said it felt better. This was about 4 hours before her gymnastics class and although the bump did go down in size, I still felt perhaps that type of physical activity wasn’t in her best interest. This, of course, elicited more tears, but at least this time of sadness rather than pain.

Aside from the fact that I hate she was injured, it also kind of threw off the momentum for the rest of the day and Tabi and I didn’t get too much done in lessons. I promised both of us that we wouldn’t take as long in Greece as we did for Egypt but we’re well on our way to that promise being broken.

Today was the standard crazy schedule with a little bit of extra crazy thrown in. After Tabitha’s gymnastics class, I took the girls to my in-laws’ house where Chris was waiting for me. We took his car and my FIL’s car and went to pick up Girl Scout cookies for Tabitha’s troop. All 1114 boxes of them. We filled both cars (small SUVs) and then Chris and I grabbed dinner at Chipotle before heading home to unload and then go pick up the girls. We got them both to bed and then set to work sorting all these cookies so everyone can come pick them up tomorrow. I’m happy to report I have yet to tear into a single box. Once I do, all this Wii Fit work will be more than necessary.

I do believe I hear those Samoas calling me though :)

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One Response to “Got cookies?”

  1. Mandi Says:
    February 28th, 2009 at 9:48 pm

    Poor Daisy! I hate it when kids hurt themselves like that. Elaina had a big egg on her noggin last weekend. She fell off a stool and landed on her head and got a big egg- and then two more times that afternoon she came to us sobbing because she’d hurt herself again. LOL Poor kid, it just wasn’t her day!
    I hope Miss Daisy is feeling better now. Maybe a Samoa will cure her pain! :D