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combined, they have 4 wheels

By Tara Zandra | December 29, 2008

I took the girls to a park today so Tabitha could practice her unicycle along a fence in the basketball court. We also took Daisy’s scooter so she could ride freely as opposed to racing up and down the hallway. It was a lovely day with temps in the 70s and I really think Tabitha made some improvement. More importantly, she thinks she made progress. We may or may not go again tomorrow but if not, definitely on Wednesday as Tabitha needs consistent practice.

This afternoon we headed to a Park Day friend’s house for a Chanukah celebration. There was storytelling, latkes, dreidel and general running around playing. I spent time with various friends and had some nice chats. Then this evening, the girls and I went to the mall in search of a magician’s hat for Tabitha. She has decided to put on a magic show at Park on Friday and has even sent out an email notice to her friends. Of course, now she wants a top hat. The mall we went to had a magic kiosk during Christmas, but sadly, it has now left. Tabs was most disappointed. We’re going to check out Toys R Us and Target first thing in the morning. But to be honest, it means so much to her that if we can’t find one, I’m going to order it from Amazon and pay for one-day shipping. She doesn’t know that and I don’t plan on telling her until it arrives. Aside from the hat, we were on the lookout for a blanket sleeper for Daisy. I assumed Sears or JC Penney’s would be the place to go. All that little excursion did for me was remind me why I don’t shop at department stores. Never again. Chaos everywhere and nary a footie PJ to be seen. Thankfully the Disney Store saved the day and Miss Daisy is currently asleep snuggled into cozy Minnie jammies.

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