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wiped out

By Tara Zandra | December 28, 2008

Chris and I have worked hard all day today. We’re in the process of re-doing the organization of the playroom. First stop was Ikea for 6 shelving units and bins. Next we had to empty a lot of toys out of the playroom in order to do the switch around. Then, of course, we had to build all six units and Chris had to attach them to the wall for safety. Next task was filling the new bins with the proper toys and finally, putting everything else back into the playroom. It’s not done by any means but it’s an exhausting and pricey task so we’ll be doing it in stages. But we absolutely love how the one wall looks right now. Tomorrow we’ll work on getting labels on the bins.

That wasn’t the end of our hard work though. I had decided a while ago that the baker’s rack in the dining room just wasn’t working out for me anymore. So we emptied it and in it’s place is one of the bookcases we took out of the playroom. I’m still in the process of putting everything into it but am taking a blogging break. Basically it holds games, lessons materials, cookbooks and a few miscellaneous items. Next focus will be the rest of the Christmas stuff being put away.

Tomorrow is back to work for Chris and it sure has been wonderful having him home for the last 5 days. At least he’ll be off again on Thursday.

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