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Three Words….

By Tara Zandra | December 18, 2008




No, seriously. It came out 2 years ago but we just downloaded it tonight. I cannot wait to listen to it tomorrow. On the way to Park seems appropriate, lol. The kids will either love it or hate it.

Today we made cashew brittle. Just Tabitha and I really because it’s all stove work and having to keep track of temps I didnt’ feel would work with Daisy. She wasn’t happy but I recorded Sesame Street for her and she was happy. Yesterday she was able to help when we made mint fudge and raspberry truffles. It was the second time this week we made the truffles as the first batch was given out to dance instructors. Yesteday’s goodies were sent to work with Chris for, appropriately enough, Goody Day, and today’s brittle went to gymnastics coaches. Tomorrow we’ll be making candied walnuts which will go to more gymnastics coaches and Tabitha’s violin teacher. Not sure if that’s the end of our baking or not. I’ll see what Tabitha’s opinion is on the matter.

It’s very festive around here what with the baking, twinkling lights and near constant Christmas music playing. We’re having a good holiday season so far. We bought our Christmas tree on Tuesday and decorated it the same night. At some point I need to get moving on the wrapping of presents because there are a lot of them and it’s going to take awhile, I’m sure. I’m booked tomorrow night so I’m thinking this weekend it will be a must-do activity after kids are in bed.

Today, KOST 103- the local sappy love song station, but they play Christmas music all the time during the season- anyway, the guilted me into a donation for Feed the Children. They were doing a pledge drive which I didn’t really pay attention to, but then started saying how you could skip one meal out and donate that $25 which would feed 5 LA families for a week. Of course, my family was on the way home from yet another trip to Target and we were going to make candy which isn’t even necessary food so yeah, I went straight home and donated online. Then it popped up that you could give a goat to a family in Kenya so that’s where our donation will go next month. I used to be in the habit of donating to a charity every single paycheck, but somewhere along the way that got lost. It’s definitely time to bring that back into a normal thing for us.

Now I’m going to get the toys in the dining room picked up and then settle in with the hubby for an episode of Pushing Daisies. *sigh* So sad it’s going away forever :(

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One Response to “Three Words….”

  1. Sandy Says:
    December 20th, 2008 at 4:43 pm

    LMAO - do you have “We wish you a Hairy Christmas”? It’s a compilation of various hair bands singing holiday songs. My favorite christmas cd for sure! ; )