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7 Random Things About Me

By Tara Zandra | December 17, 2008

Mel tagged me for this one.

1. I have broken my pinky toe 3 times in my life- but never any other broken bones or sprains.

2. I have no problem singing along to children’s songs in the car. Quite a few of them are the same ones I had when I was a kid.

3. I often fantasize about living somewhere else (as in another state). But then snap to my senses and realize I would be miserable after the novelty wore off.

4. I would really like another tattoo, but lack the “get up and go” to get it done.

5. I picked up our Christmas cards last night and they are the simple picture postcard thing. Chalk this up to one of those things I swore I would never do. I think they are cute and I never ever mind receiving them from other people so not sure what my hangup is. In fact, I *like* getting them from other people. But I always have to be a contradiction.

6. I’m a very dedicated vegetarian, but really enjoy soy based “meat” products. Except the poultry-style ones, those are disgusting. But I eat lots of tofu too, which helps assuage my guilt for enjoying things that supposedly taste like meat. Maybe they don’t really, I don’t know, it’s been a long time.

7. I tear up at Disneyland and/or Disney World commercials.

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2 Responses to “7 Random Things About Me”

  1. Marion Says:
    December 17th, 2008 at 7:39 pm

    Interesting to know about you! :)

    I hope you Chris and the girls have a wonderful Holiday season! I’m starting to get a bit excited about my kids opening their presents next week….even as they are getting older…it’s so fun to buy for them!!
    Take care

  2. Mel Says:
    December 25th, 2008 at 9:53 am

    Same here about #1. Knock wood.
    And about #3, that is true. Keep that thought. I would love CA now as a mom.
    I also love getting people’s picture cards but I never do them myself, I think we did ONE time.
    I’m guilty about loving those meat subs also but it’s been 20 years so have no idea how “meaty” they truly are. LOL