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A very Swedish Christmas

By Tara Zandra | December 13, 2008

Today is St. Lucia Day in Sweden. Though neither Chris nor I have Swedish ancestors, we do live near an Ikea and they were celebrating. We dressed the girls in their Hanna Andersson Christmas dresses (also Swedish) and headed off to visit Jul Tamten. Then the girls colored crowns that look like candles on a wreath and then they sat for a story about St. Lucia Day while eating gingersnap cookies. Honestly, for a free event at the Ikea, it was pretty fun.

We worked on a picture of the girls for our Christmas cards this afternoon. Actually, the one with Santa at Ikea is a strong contender. But I still took plenty at home- now to make a decision.

The outside of our house is now as festive as the inside since Chris put up the lights today. It looks wonderful and I loved seeing the house all it up when I returned home from an errand. Now to get our tree and everything will be complete.

Last night Chris and I, along with Chris’s brother, were able to enjoy an early Christmas present in the form of a Metallica concert. It was outstanding though none of us will hear properly for a week. Seriously, I have never been to a concert so loud, and I say this coming from a background of metal/hard rock concerts since the time I was 12. But again, excellent concert. This was the second time Chris and I have seen them (though first time together) and fifth time for my BIL. They played in the center of the arena, as opposed to an end stage set up, and we had, essentially center ice seats (it’s also a hockey venue) so the view was incredible. The place is small but I can’t say it felt intimate as Metallica is way too big for that feeling. It was good to rock out for a little while.

Oh, before the concert we stopped at a furniture store because we had a bit of time to kill since we were not a little bit interested in the opening acts. Anyway, there was a lost lampshade section, as in shades with no lamps but not originally sold as just a shade, and they were all marked $10. We found one that matches our room perfectly and since we’ve proven ourselves suckers for hanging lamps/lamp shades over the years, we snatched it right up. Chris is going to get a lamp kit from work on Monday and then we’ll install it that afternoon. It’s kind of fortuitous timing as it will replace a standing lamp in our room and just this past week the standing lamp in the living room broke and needs replacing. Now we’ll just move the one from our room out to the living room.

Time to get off the computer and get the big kid to bed, we have an early day tomorrow.

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