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Holiday Thursday

By Tara Zandra | December 12, 2008

Yesterday morning the girls and I went on an errand and then I settled into making gingerbread men cakelets for 3 hours. My pan only makes 6 at a time and I have to wash out the pan in between each batch. So four batches took 3 hours from start to finish which is a bit long. Plus, it’s not like I could really do anything else as I only had 12-minutes bake time then 5 minutes cooling time. I was thinking that I might go back to WS the day after Christmas and see if they mark down their holiday stuff and pick up an extra pan. It really is adorable and the recipe is a nice strong gingerbread so it will definitely get more use making it worth my while to have a second pan on hand. And I must say, the house smells incredible during the bake time.

Daisy’s gymnastics last night was a holiday presentation. Basically they pull the risers out in the gym and tell you to invite family and each child gets a star turn to show off their skills before we have cookies and juice. The girls are told to wave to the audience before they start and then do a “big finish” much like you would see in a competition and my, did Daisy get into it! She was a waving fool and had a gigantic smile on her face. Afterwards she told me she *liked* performing which bodes really well for next May and June as she’ll have both a dance recital and a gymnastics show. Who knew she was a closet ham? It was nice for Chris to be able to see her as he’s now on the early shift for awhile so was able to attend.

Once that was done, we dashed off to Girl Scouts as it was awards night and holiday party. Tabitha was awarded 5 badges, 4 of which she did on her own, plus the Sign of the Star. And there were fun patches to be had for past events as well. After all the girls received their awards, it was food time! I brought the gingerbread, of course, and there was pizza, pasta salad, cupcakes, cookies, a giant sandwhich and probably something I’m forgetting. Tabitha had a great time and was sad to say goodbye as she won’t see these friends again until January.

This morning is overcast and cold and makes me want to stay home in PJs. Sadly, I need to be out of the house in 1 hour and 20 minutes so at some point I really need to get a move on.

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