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The halls, they are decked

By Tara Zandra | December 3, 2008

We’ve spent the last three evenings putting up all the Christmas decorations. Tonight the girls decorated their personal trees which turned out very cute. Daisy’s tree is fairly small so we put it in the girls’ room among the dollhouse and fairy homes. We also chose to put some of the Christmas toys in there as well. Tabitha’s tree is the same 4-foot tree she’s had for years, though it was taller than her when we got it and now she’s got about 9-inches on it. We keep it in the living room next to the fireplace which I must say is currently aglow with lights. I still need to decorate my gingerbread themed tree that goes on the kitchen counter so I’d like to get to that tomorrow. In a couple weekends we’ll do the outside of the house and also get our real tree for the living room.

We’ve been playing our Christmas music while decorating and I’m quite pleased with our mix. We’ve got the fabulously upbeat Brian Setzer Orchestra as well as the classic Perry Como and the majestic Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Really wonderful for helping the mood while decorating.

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