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Monday of the week of thanks

By Tara Zandra | November 24, 2008

It was a pretty good day today, though I’m not super fond of Mondays because of dance class. It’s just a bad time and we’re there for 2 hours total right at dinner time. So essentially every week I come up with a cold meal to take with us and feed each kid while the other is in her class. Then come home and get dinner for Chris and me and then he needs to actually spend time with the kids so bedtime is delayed. So it’s not much fun, but I don’t have control over the time of dance so what can I do?

Dinner logistics aside, we enjoyed today. Tabitha worked on lots of language arts such as writing, grammar, spelling, and poetry. She also did problem solving and fractions as well as ancient history. She didn’t get to US History but that’s probably because we took a walk before lunch today. Daisy worked on reading and she also cooked dinner with me. Then she and Tabitha played for a few hours before we left.

Throw in laundry and that pretty much sums up the whole day.

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One Response to “Monday of the week of thanks”

  1. Vanessa Says:
    November 24th, 2008 at 11:29 pm

    Gillian’s Girl Scout meetings and weeknight fencing class both fall right at dinnertime too, and it drives me nuts. I hate fast food, but we usually end up getting it on those nights just so we don’t have to wait until 8 p.m. to eat.