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“bow hand”

By Tara Zandra | April 8, 2006

Apparently Tabitha has a good “bow hand” and holds the bow to her violin very nicely. Who knew? After her lesson though, Tabitha declared that using the bow was much harder than plucking it. Hard or not, she loved her second lesson and is just as enthused now as she was last week. She adores her teacher, who has an English accent, and has stated that she is everything she could hope for.

 We had some bedtime issues last night which led to Daisy sleeping in until past 8. Tabitha would have followed suit but I woke her up to get ready for hula. After she fell back asleep in bed and I had to rouse her a second time, it was decided she’s not quite in the hula mood this morning. Not a big deal other than we’ll still have to stop by the studio later so I can pay tuition. I was planning a Target stop and will still have to go, I just can’t pick up a couple things for Easter baskets that I was planning on purchasing whilst she was dancing away.

Speaking of Easter, not in the mood. We don’t even have our decorations up. Not sure what’s up with that as  I’m usually all about the holidays. Easter always sneaks up on me though I think, in part, due to it’s isolation from every other holiday. We actually have a mini Easter event today, but it’s not helping to put me in the mood. Tomorrow we’ll pull out the decorations since it will only be a week until the actual day. But finding time to go shopping by myself for the basket goodies is where the real challenge lies.

I did walk last night and though I ended up only doing about 3/4 of my normal route, it still felt good. Oh, other than the aches in my shins that will be a part of me for the next three weeks, I’m sure.

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One Response to ““bow hand””

  1. Melody Says:
    April 9th, 2006 at 6:33 am

    I haven’t put out a single Easter decoration, and I just got a Cherished Teddy one from Hallmark. I’m so bad, the way I deck the place out for Christmas you’d think I’d do Easter as well. I just got tired of doing that, and am kind of just enjoying my mini spring theme with potpourri and flowered things here and there.