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Dream world

By Tara Zandra | November 8, 2008

Dreams are not Daisy’s friend. She’s either waking up crying because it was a bad dream or waking and up becoming almost inconsolable because it was a good dream and she finds out it wasn’t real. She must dream like me where they are deep and intense. I feel for her because it doesn’t really get better. She visited me twice last night, the second time being at 5:00am. Then I couldn’t go back to sleep despite being extremely tired so I ended up getting up just before 6. Probably a good thing because Daisy was crying at 6:35am (good dream gone wrong it seems). She’s kind of in a fragile state right now crying over basically nothing. I think around 12:30pm we’ll hop in the car and hop she falls asleep for a nap. Then I’ll probably have to join her- I’m sure my Excedrin will wear off by then.

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