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By Tara Zandra | November 5, 2008

For Ancient History yesterday, Tabitha built a simple model of a Minoan ship. The only problem I have with these projects is what to do with them after the fact. We take pictures because we assume “someday” I’ll put them into a scrapbook, so I really shouldn’t feel too bad when I quietly throw them away. I usually let them sit around for a week or so before they meet their fate though.

I don’t think I mentioned that Tabitha has taken the first steps to learn how to sew. She’s been very interested for about 3 years now but 3 years ago I could barely sew. I had a tempermental avocado green Kenmore from the late ’60s or early ’70s and very little in the way of skills. Now I have a shiny white machine (still a Kenmore) and a fair amount of skills so the time seemed right that I could guide Tabitha when she needed the help. I bought “The Best of Sewing Machine Fun for Kids” about a month ago. It’s been wonderful so far. She’s done all the pre-sewing exercises, which included sewing on paper without thread, and the next step is threading the machine. We have nothing ahead of us for today so I think it’s an excellent time to teach her how to do that. Next comes actual projects and I know she’s looking forward to that.

Miss Daisy’s reading is still coming along. She has confidence issues, not just in reading, but she doesn’t like to feel confused. At tap class she was sitting down and refusing to try things because she was confused and I see the same thing with her reading. So we’re working on her understanding that if she tries something and pays attention, it will stop being confusing. But she’s 3 so really, I can only expect so much. She’s never confused at gymnastics though. That little monkey gets worked in her new class and she never once says she can’t do something. She comes out sweaty as all get out but also happy as a clam.

The kids went to bed late last night, so although the little one is already up, I’m still waiting on the big one. I hope it’s soon, I’m ready to start our day together.

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