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Fall is on the way

By Tara Zandra | September 14, 2008

The temp all week has slowly been on the decline but yesterday was practically cold. The kids and I were quite chilly at Park Day, but we dealt with it and had a great time with our friends. It was one of those days where Daisy played too and didn’t just bug me to push her on the swing 2 minutes after I finish pushing her on the swing. Two of the swings were tangled up high and the kids asked me to get them down since I was right there with Daisy. The first was no problem, but the second somehow managed to smash my hand and it tore a chunk out of one of my fingers. So my hand felt a little off for the rest of the time I was there. It was a relief later to wash my hand and get a band-aid on my finger. Now the only thing bothering me is the cut itself, the rest of my hand feels normal at least. Of course, avoiding hitting that one particular spot is going to be difficult I’m sure.

After we got home from the park we had lunch and then Tabtiha and I did a few lessons. Just some math and ancient history and Tabitha also worked on book reports for her free ride tickets at the fair. She’s reading chintzy books, but since I don’t believe it reading for a prize and she reads everything from dumb High School Musical fiction books to The Golden Compass series on a weekly basis, I’m not concerned about what books she chooses for the reports. We’re just doing it for the free tickets :)

The above was all written yesterday morning so it actually refers to Friday. But then Daisy came out of her room and I never got a chance to get back to it. The part below will be about Saturday

Yesterday was our American Girl book club meeting. It was supposed to be last weekend but then Tabitha got sick and I had to postpone. Unfortunately too many people weren’t able to make the switch so we ended up with only 4 girls. But the 4 that were here had a great time so I’m glad for that. We were focusing on the Kirsten books- she’s a pioneer girl who immigrated from Sweden to Minnesota in 1854. Aside from our discussion, the girls learned a Swedish phrase, built a log cabin with Lincoln Logs (that required way more help on my part than I could have imagined), made chromatropes, made butter, and a yarn doll. They also each decorated one square of paper to be their quilt square and then I scanned them into the computer in a pattern and printed out paper quilts for them. They then all signed their names on each other’s quilts as was done in one of the Kirsten books. Definitely another successful meeting :)

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