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sharks, fish, and rays

By Tara Zandra | September 11, 2008

Today was Homeschool Day at the Aquarium. The girls and I headed out first thing this morning and had the whole upper part of the building practically to ourselves. It was so peaceful among those giant walls of fish. We were even alone at the tidepool touch tank which is a miracle in and of itself. After we fully explored all of upstairs we went outside to see the rays and sharks in their touch pools. Daisy and I had a really hard time getting a ray to come near her fingers. It was like we were repelling them because they seemed to clamor for the attention of everyone and then snub us. But we were patient and eventually one must have felt sorry for us because he not only came up to Daisy’s hand, he came all the way out of the water and his snub face was inches from her face! It’s a good thing my arms were around her because it startled her enough that she jumped a bit. I took her down to get her balance back and the ray turned away from us and flipped his fin so that water came splashing out all over both of us! It was so bizarre and definitely gave us a good laugh. Tabitha had much more normal encounters with the rays.

Next we went to touch the sharks and ran into Park Day friends so 3 of our girls ran around touching sharks while she and I chatted and watched her little one try to touch the sharks too. It was noisy with an employee always on the microphone, but we still had a nice time talking. Eventually we parted ways and Daisy, Tabitha and I finished exploring the lower level of the aquarium. We made a quick stop to peruse the gift shop and then came home.

We had gone to the aquarium’s first Homeschool Day two years ago and it was beyond packed. They completely underestimated how many people would be interested. So last year they expanded to two days, but we didn’t go for one reason or another. Obviously that must have worked because it was again a two day event this year. The thing that makes it for homeschoolers is we’re given the group rate without having to go in a group and they don’t accept any school groups on these two days. Also, they open up all their classrooms and run programs throughout the day, though I confess we did not take advantage of that aspect. We really had a wonderful time and I’m so glad we were able to go this year.

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