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By Tara Zandra | September 9, 2008

Daisy loooved her dance class yesterday. During the summer she was just in a half hour movement class just to get her used to the studio. But now she’s in the one hour ballet and tap class which is obviously a better fit for her. She’s so darn cute insisting on a ballerina bun and she sports a serene look on her face while doing ballet moves. She enjoyed the tap portion too but told me after class that she was getting tired at the end of class. I’m glad she enjoyed herself so much.

Tabitha’s class went well too and she was happy to be back into it. That kid is happiest with a million classes. She told me she’d love to add tap but I told her not until she dropped one day of gymnastics. She didn’t like that idea. But I looked at the schedule and neither class she could take works for us anyway so that took care of that. And if there is one thing Tabitha doesn’t need, it’s a class on how to be louder.

I got minimal lessons done with both girls yesterday but at least we did a little. Daisy read to me which is always a thrill. The Animal Antics books are just better than the Bob books and I never should have started with those. I just thought I’d do something a little different than I did with Tabitha and that was my mistake. So we’ll stick with the Animal Antics series and if she is similar to Tabitha she’ll stop needing them around level 4. On the other hand, she seems inclined towards numbers (yay!) so she may take longer in the reading department. Not necessarily though, I read way early just like my girls and have always enjoyed reading. I just am more of a math person and only read for strict pleasure. I don’t dissect what I read, I don’t analyze, and I could not care less on the theme or what the author is trying to convey. I read simply for the act of reading.

Tabitha and I only managed a math lesson yesterday. We took Ancient History with us to dance, but unlike Daisy’s summer class which had no more than one parent in the waiting area, now the area is packed. And noisy. There was no way we were going to be able to focus on reading and talking about what we read. So now we know that that time is no longer available to us for lessons which is a bummer as it worked so nicely during the summer.

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