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daily commentary

By Tara Zandra | September 5, 2008

Tabitha woke up feeling so much better this morning. It’s too late for me to un-cancel tomorrow’s plans, but at least she seems to just have a light cold. Of course I say this now but in a week I’ll probably be talking about her having a cough that won’t go away because all her colds seem to develop into neverending coughs.

But since she felt better today we went ahead with a fairly normal routine. We did math and ancient history and Tabitha also did some reading comprehension and a lesson in her sedementary rock unit study. Both girls joined me in making bread bowls for tonight’s dinner (we filled them with chili). Daisy likes the idea of making bread and Tabitha really enjoys getting in there and kneading the bread. Perhaps we should try and make more breads in the future. That seems a very fall and winter thing to do so it will fit right into our days in the coming months.

We were supposed to make octopuses today for our mural and do a little octopus activity booklet, but the girls were so caught up in playing with each other and then doing their own thing separately that we never got to our craft. It will keep until another day I suppose. I know I originally said we were going to wrap up the ocean this coming week, but I think we’ll go ahead and go through the start of October. I got nothing in the apple department so I see no need to try and spend two weeks on the subject instead of continuing our ocean mural. We’ve got jellyfish, sea stars, and fish so far and I know we’re going to add octopuses, sea horses, sea anenomes and sea urchins. The girls suggested whales and dolphins but I can’t think of how we could possibly do those in a crafty way so I think they’ll just be cut out pictures from coloring pages.

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