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So I shall sew

By Tara Zandra | September 4, 2008

Tabitha is definitely sick so my days just cleared up. We were still going to go to gymnastics for Daisy today, but the little rugrat fell asleep on a quick trip to the grocery store and she would not wake up. I tried everything but she literally told me to leave her alone so that was that. Of course, in the middle of dinner she started talking about being glad it was Thursday so she could go to gymnastics and I had to explain to her she slept through it. That brought on lots of tears and she was very sad for awhile. She left the table for a little while to be alone but came back in decent spirits.

After dinner I headed out to the fabric store since I plan to sew for the next few days. For Halloween activities I’m sewing Daisy a candy corn dress. No specialty fabric is required, just white, yellow, and orange. I did look at the holiday fabric though for Tabitha’s bat outfit. I found the perfect fabric in terms of the print, but the material isn’t a cotton, it’s kind of sheer with flocked bats on it. So if I were to get that I would need to completely redesign the skirt I was going to sew and now I’m not sure what to do.

I haven’t sewn in a month though, and when I walked out of that store with my bag, feeling the warm air and seeing the glowing moon, I smiled in anticipation of the coming days. For I truly love this hobby and can’t believe I went my whole life thinking I could never sew. Thank goodness I was wrong :)

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