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By Tara Zandra | July 30, 2008

I wasn’t in a very good mood this morning- though not for any particular reason. I was just kind of down. So when we got home from Kindermusik, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to start lessons. As such, they didn’t get started until well after lunch so there were a few things that never got done. We never do every single thing every single day, but the two things we didn’t do today that I wish we had are violin practice for Tabitha and also our ocean study. I had it all prepared and then Daisy went and fell asleep on the couch in the late afternoon. Very bizarre. I detected a faint fever after dinner so she may be coming down with something. I certainly hope not as we have a fun weekend planned. But, Tabitha finished the last last Ancient Egypt History Pocket and so we really are ready to move on after her chapter test. Not sure if that will be tomorrow or Friday but next week we can finally follow the Iraelites and leave Egypt. I was really hoping we’d be studying Ancient Greece when the Olympics started but that’s 4 chapters away so it looks like we’ll enter Greece just in time for the closing ceremonies. Of course, with as much extra stuff out there for Ancient Greece like there is for Ancient Egypt, we’ll probably still be in Greece for the Winter Olympics in two years! LOL

Last night the girls and I did do some ocean studies and filled a large bin with water so they could make waves in it. I put in a bathtub tint to color the water blue but grabbed the wrong one so it was purple water. Since they learned waves are made out in the middle of the ocean by wind, I had them blow on the water to create the waves. We also put a rubber ducky in the water to show him bobbing up and down on the waves as opposed to moving forward since the water in the middle of the ocean stays there and doesn’t move forward. It was simple yet fun. Tomorrow we go shopping for paints and paper so we can get started on the ocean mural.

I’ve determined Daisy isn’t quite ready for the next level of Bob Books. She still has to sound out almost every word and doesn’t retain the same word even from one page to the next. She’s capable of sounding out blends, but I’d rather not move on at this time. But I did promise her new books so I’m going with the Animal Antics books that Tabitha had. I think she’ll enjoy them and having something new will help fuel her desire to read. She certainly loves books and I don’t want to do anything to stop that love.

That’s all I’ve got for tonight. Lately my mind is focused on lessons and Gymboree clothes and really, I don’t think anyone wants to hear about what I’m buying. I know Chris is tired of listening to it :)

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