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Disney, pizza, and a trophy

By Tara Zandra | July 20, 2008

We headed out to our favorite Sunday spot today first thing in the morning. It was overcast but cool so really lovely weather to get a lot done at Disneyland. We were hoping to ride the new Toy Story ride again, but after waiting almost an hour, they emptied out the line due to technical difficulties. Daisy was pretty cheesed off at having to wait forever so we took her on the carousel and then she was happy again. Tabitha and Chris rode Soarin’ Over California while I took Daisy on the Monster’s Inc ride and then we sat for lunch.

We had brought our own lunch today and our treat was the new Nilla Cakesters that are kind of Twinkie-esque. Daisy, Chris, and Tabitha all dove in and finished theirs and thought they were wonderful. I took one bite and wanted to spit the whole thing out. To me it tasted like mold. I don’t know how I could have such a differing opinion from everyone else, but I can guarantee I have no intention of trying the Oreo Cakesters any time soon.

We left Disneyland around 1:00pm and relaxed at home for awhile with the Dodgers playing (and winning!) in the background. In the late afternoon it was time to head to my in-laws’ for a make-your-own pizza party. The odd thing is, a few weeks ago, I had a dream involving going to a make your own pizza place with my in-laws. About 3 days after I had the dream, my MIL told us her idea for this party. Bizarre. Anyway, it was a good idea and we had fun choosing all the toppings. There were friends and out of town family so it was a nice gathering. Unfortunately, I developed a pretty bad headache just after I finished eating. I went for a walk with the kids hoping to clear my head, but I think that actually made it worse. By the time we got back from our walk, it was time for dessert and then time to leave, so I just stuck it out. I took Excedrin the minute I got home but it still took awhile before taking affect. Thankfully I’m back to normal now.

I’ve wasted the rest of my evening on Webk!nz. For those that play and know what I’m talking about, I finally got that darned 600 trophy on Wacky Z!ngoz. Now I can hope the dreams of the flying yellow guy can stop.

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One Response to “Disney, pizza, and a trophy”

  1. Vanessa Says:
    July 20th, 2008 at 10:18 pm

    I haven’t had the Nilla Cakesters, but I’ve had the Oreo ones and I hate them. They’re so sickly sweet I could barely finish one, and I have a major sweet tooth, so that’s saying a lot. Gillian loves them though, maybe it’s a kid thing? (Don’t tell Chris I lumped him in with the kids, LOL.)