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Back to 1824

By Tara Zandra | July 19, 2008

Today was our American Girl Book Club meeting. Our subject was Josefina, a New Mexican girl in 1824. I feel it was a very good meeting today simply because I think I put more work and organization into it. Don’t get me wrong, the other meetings have had plenty of thought behind them, but this time there was just more and I think it showed. American Girl sells a loom to weave a real, doll-size blanket and that was one of the items I picked up on our trip this past week. Each girl got to weave two rows and Tabitha will finish it up and have herself a blanket made with love and friendship. The other two activities involved corn husks. We did corn husk dolls that I thought was rather simple when I made one yesterday, but apparently much harder to do when you’re between the ages of 5 and 11. Thankfully I had two parents stay and between the three of us we managed to help all the girls. Lastly, they girls used the corn husks to make a faux inlaid top to a memory box which is kind of a focal point in the stories. I forgot to take a picture of the girls with thier dolls though and that saddens me as I wanted to compile something at the end with the pictures I take at each meeting.

Today’s mail brought two of the ocean activity guides I ordered. One is geared to pre-k and the other is more Tabi’s age. As I was thumbing through them I was quite pleased with the purchase and I think I can easily adapt both books to the other kid so they can work together. Some things that are too young for Tabitha will be done by Daisy while Tabitha works on things like cryptograms that are too old for Daisy. I would really like this to work out and be a fun thing we can all do together. Of course, with the girls’ schedule, I was telling Chris we’re so slow that we won’t actually take a trip to the beach until February when it’ll be far too cold, lol. My other shipment of books should be here Monday and then I can spend the week preparing it all and we can start our ocean studies the following week.

Or so my grand plan assumes :)

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