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Taco Friday

By Tara Zandra | July 18, 2008

We skipped going to the park today because I felt the need to stay home. We did have to go to a make-up violin lesson but since it’s close to home it wasn’t that big of a deal. Tabitha’s teacher suggested we think about moving her to a 45-minute lesson instead of the current half hour. Tabitha says she has no problem with that so I think we’ll go ahead with it in a couple months.

I spent the day preparing for tomorrow’s American Girl Club meeting while also doing lessons with Tabitha. Daisy was a bit put out that I didn’t pay more attention to her though we did play a few rousing rounds of one of her games. She also stayed with us at the table a lot doing some coloring and drawing and when I sat for a few moments to relax with a bit of TV she played next to me on the couch. So she wasn’t on her own today, just not the center of attention as much as she would have liked :)

I was thinking this evening about what the future holds for Daisy and Girl Scouts. I know that I’m going to volunteer as the troop leader, but beyond that, I’m uncertain how it will go. I need to con one of my friends into being a co-leader and I need 4 other girls the right age to start a troop. Our council is hideous when it comes to communication and getting things done which is why I’m worrying about it all two years before I need to do anything at all. Also, it’s a little too early to plan our next Disney World trip so I need something to plan in the back of my mind during down time :)

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