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Friday Eve

By Tara Zandra | July 17, 2008

I like Thursdays because if we don’t errands to run, then we’re home until the afternoon when it’s just one stop for gymnastics for both kids at the same time. The only downside is I have to plan meals around the fact that I’m not home until dinner time so I usually end up cooking in the middle of the day and setting the timer on the oven. Tonight I went with a layered and baked pasta. It’s like lasagne, but instead of using lasagne noodles, I just use layers of penne. Much easier.

Gymnastics went well for both kids. I don’t get to watch Tabi’s class, but she said her coach said she’s getting very close to a real cartwheel and she was complimented on two other skills. It’s nice to hear she’s progressing. Daisy proved her strength, which she doesn’t need to prove, and did not one, but two handstands. She was, however, supposed to be doing a backwards roll. And in a bizarre turn of events, she has decided to intentionally sit next to the boy in class who usually sits practically on top of her and she shoots dagger eyes at. But I saw her change her spot twice and sit very close to him and when I asked why she said it was because he likes her. She did tell me though, that she kept telling him that she is not his friend. I guess she’s just following the advice to keep your friends close and your enemies closer?

Daisy came up to me first thing this morning and asked to read to me. I’m guessing her newfound interest lays in the fact that I told her yesterday that she’s almost ready for the set of books but that she needed a bit more practice. She read a harder book today and was quite pleased with herself when she got through it. She then spent time looking at the back of the box to see the picture of the next level. I told her if she read to me 3 times a week for the next two weeks then she probably be ready for me to get it for her.

For Tabitha, we are still trying to get out of Egypt. At this rate, the Olympics will be over before we ever make it to Greece. We did almost a whole History pocket today before moving on to math and US History. I’ve come to the conclusion that the Complete Book of Maps and Geography just isn’t going to do what I intended. I wanted Tabitha to be able to name all the states and point to the them on a map. But it just doesn’t seem to do that. There is way too much busy work and just isn’t a good use of our time. So I found an online resource that I like and I’m going to put together my own States geography program for her. And my version will include singing “Fifty-Nifty.”

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One Response to “Friday Eve”

  1. Mel Says:
    July 21st, 2008 at 12:57 pm

    Our notebooking project for states has been very helpful for memorizing states. I print out stuff from online for each state, we read a blurb about it from my Scholastic states atlas, and work on the accompanying Which Way USA puzzle book. I also have a Usborne wrap-up with the states and capitals and she likes doing that too. I came to the conclusion we’ll probably never finish that Complete Maps workbook either…she likes it a lot but it’s slow going and I’m sick of it. LOL