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As American as Apple Pie

By Tara Zandra | July 16, 2008

Last night we settled in for the All-Star Game and had a baseball themed dinner. We had [veggie] dogs, peanuts, cracker jacks, and nachos. We ate dinner in the living room to watch the game which sadly ended in a National League loss (after 15 innings!). It was pretty fun and might be a good tradition to keep going.

Today the girls and I went to American Girl Place. It’s located at “The Grove” a high-end shopping center that celebrities liked to be photographed at by the paparazzi. But no celebrities at American Girl Place so none to report. We went there because I put off ordering the items I need for our next American Girl Book Club meeting. But between parking, gas, lunch, and the two books and magazine I was conned into, it honestly would have been less for me to pay overnight shipping. I must remember that for next time.

But you can’t put a price on the experience (thankfully) and the girls had a great time. Daisy showed Bitty Daisy all the outfits in the Bitty Baby room and Tabitha mentally added the entire store to her Christmas list. I had a nice time too because as I was lugging the shopping bag around I was approached by one of the store’s personal shoppers who took my bag down to the personal shopping lounge (say it with your nose in the air) where there were couches and quiet and eager-to-please salesgirls. Once it was determined that I’m a local, I was told to be sure to come to them all the time now that I know they’re there. I’m thinking they work on commission which is a shame because this was by far the least amount I have ever spent in an American Girl Place.

Oh, I have to mention lunch. We didn’t eat at The Grove because I wanted to get going hoping Daisy would fall asleep in the car. We ended up at Jack-in-the-Box, which has grilled cheese kids’ meals. Anyway, they were advertising something new- macaroni and cheese bites. They were breaded and like chicken nuggets, except, they were mac and cheese. I decided to throw good taste to the wind and try them. They weren’t bad, but it was kind of odd in a texture way. Because the insides were kind of gooey- not like fried cheese sticks, but like, well, macaroni and cheese. Not sure if I’ll have them again or not.

Tonight we’ll round out the day by me taking Tabi to see the Kit Kitteredge movie- with Tabi and Lindsay in matching movie shirts, of course.

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2 Responses to “As American as Apple Pie”

  1. Vanessa Says:
    July 18th, 2008 at 11:54 am

    We had the fried mac and cheese bites last night. I thought they were OK at the time, but 18 hours later I can feel the grease oozing out of my pores!

    Did you guys like Kit Kitteredge? Gillian and I thought it was great.

  2. Mel Says:
    July 21st, 2008 at 12:55 pm

    I can’t B into American Girl. Oh well. I thought she might like the modern ones better but no luck. but someone told me they make AG mysteries so I may try that and see as she loves mysteries.
    We get those mac n cheese nuggets at Sonic and they are pretty tasty. They also have them at Gunther Toody’s diner and a local bowling alley. They taste different at each place though. Sonic has the best ones.