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Settle in, this’ll be a long one

By Tara Zandra | July 13, 2008

I have soo much to blog about. If you’re not in the mood to read, there are pictures as well if you just want to scroll down.

So all this week Tabitha had a class at the Natural History Museum as she does every year. This year she chose a class entitled “Animal Theater.” The focus was on how animals move and behave and also learning about backstage stuff such as working the lights and curtains. The kids created puppets on whatever animal they wanted and then were divided into two groups to write their own skit for their puppets to perform. Tabitha’s group chose her idea for their play which was 4 animal friends, 1 herbivore and 3 carnivores, talking together. The herbivore wants to convert his friends to his way of eating. But in the end they all agree they can eat whatever they want as long as they don’t eat thier friends.

Aside from the puppet show, the kids also made animals masks and again wrote little skits to perform. Both performances wore recorded and I’ll be sent a link to watch the video next week. As usual, Tabitha had a great time and was really sad for it to end feeling it just went too fast.

While Tabitha was in her class, Daisy and I had a nice time hanging out together in Exposistion Park. I will say it wasn’t quite as easy as last year, which was a shame, but still enjoyable nonetheless.

Our first day we just stayed inside the ScienCenter enjoying the air conditioning. We also explored their gift shop for a long time. Calling it a gift shop does it a disservice as it’s much larger than typical gift shops. I love going through all the stuff and think it would make an excellent place to do Christmas shopping. On this day, Daisy parked herself in front of the rubber animals bins and did nothing except make them talk to each other.

For 35 minutes.

I was a tad bored but again, at least it was air conditioned :)

Tuesday Daisy and I went into the Butterfly Pavillion. I wasn’t thinking and dressed her in Crocs and so we continually had to stop to empty her shoes of sand. Eventually she just sat on a bench or let me carry her around. It’s always amazing to see all the butterflies flying around and even landing on you if you’re patient. We saw some fat, fuzzy caterpillars as well and also some chrysalises both inhabitated and recently vacated.


After the Pavillion we went to the air conditioning again for a while and then out to the rose garden. Daisy was subjected to my desire to have pretty pictures of her but also just ran freely through the paths with much glee. After we picked up Tabitha, we raced to gymnastics, came home after that and Chris and Tabitha promptly left again for violin before coming home to a light dinner.





Wednesday morning was Kindermusik for Daisy, as I already mentioned. After lunch it was off to the museum and on this day, Daisy and I explored the Natural History Museum itself. She loves the animal halls so we went in all three of those plus a hall of fossils of ancient animals, but not dinosaurs. We also saw a new show featuring a juvenile, life-size, Triceratops puppet. In our last half hour we went to the Children’s Discover Center and then the museum gift shop where Daisy picked out a small bucket of dinosaurs and I also bought Tabitha a pocket book on rocks and minerals to fuel her continued interest in them.

Thursday, Daisy fell asleep on the way to the museum and stayed asleep after I put her in her stroller. So I took her over the air conditioning and did some note-taking for the next American Girl Book Club meeting. I’m feeling much more prepared this time, probably because I’m taking more care with it. Once Daisy awoke, we stayed at the table for a little longer with her playing with toys I brought for her and then she wanted to go back into the store. This time she played with cars and air planes and I wasn’t any less bored than our previous trip. Then it was racing to gymnastics again for both girls.

Friday we simply hung out under the glorious, old trees in the shade. I read and took more notes and Daisy declared herself the helper of ants and moved them from one place on the tree to another place. Oh, and attempted to feed them grass. Since it was Friday, we knew it would be a slow drive home so the girls and I entertained ourselves singing along to the children’s songs on my ipod. Tabitha takes great delight in the Clementine song which essentially is about his true love that he lets die because neither she nor him can swim. This was followed by a song called Old Blue- which is about a dog- who dies in the end. Morbid stuff these kid songs but good for passing the time.

So that concludes the week o’ driving.

But wait! There’s more!

Friday evening we went out to celebrate my FIL’s birthday and Daisy wore her monkey dress that I’ve already shared. But here’s a few pics with the accessories I bought on ebay.




All day Saturday, I sewed. But the evening, oh the evening! Chris and I went to VH1 Rock Honors: The Who. It was incredible! The show opened with the Foo Figthers, then went into the Flaming Lips, Incubus, Tenacious D, Pearl Jam, Adam Sandler, and finally- The Who. I have never been a big Who fan, with the exception of Tommy. But they are iconic, and such an influence on so many bands that I have enjoyed in the past and bands I listen to now- I couldn’t help but be in awe. It was nothing short of A-mazing. I love living in this town that puts us close to unique opportunities such as this. For anyone interested in seeing the show, it will air on VH1 on Thursday and I’m sure it will repeat ad nauseum plus they are going to put it online.

This brings us to today. Tabitha attended an Alice in Wonderland birthday party and dressing up was encouraged. So all my sewing on Saturday was for a Queen of Hearts inspired dress.




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One Response to “Settle in, this’ll be a long one”

  1. Aunt Kari Says:
    July 14th, 2008 at 7:52 am

    what cute girls! Daisy is adorable and Tabi is such a grown-up young lady. I am jealous of all the sewing you are doing. My sewing machine has finally bit the dust after only 38 years! I have to buy a new one.

    You are fantastic in finding educational and fun activities for the girls.