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hanging out and living life

By Tara Zandra | July 7, 2008

Nothing extra going on around here- I just haven’t felt like blogging. After a couple days it feels like an obligation and that’s a sure way to get me to not blog even longer. But we’ve had a good past week and a half.

The last weekend of June we took the kids to Disneyland for our annual “play in the water” day. For some reason California Adventure has three water play areas. Frankly I don’t get it, as they seem like a waste of space. One of them is also in the park’s weakest themed area too so it really seems like something better could have been done there. But regardless, the kids, of course, like to play in water and look forward to this day every summer. Tabitha even pulled shorts on over her wet bathing suit and Chris took her on Grizzly River Run which is one of those rides that exists solely to get the riders as soaked as possible. Needless to say, it’s not a ride we ever take her on so this was a treat.

Oh, and the day before we went to Disneyland, I got it in my head to sew the girls Disney skirts. Tabitha’s was easy enough, but I chose a patchwork style for Daisy that had me cutting and sewing something like 47 rectangles. Ignore Tabi’s face in the picture, I caught her mid-laugh, but this is the best pic of the skirts themselves.


The rest of the week was nothing out of the ordinary. We went out to dinner one night to celebrate Chris being given a raise out of the blue at work. The girls had gymnastics and there was violin for Tabitha. We had a play date one day for Daisy and it was hands down the smoothest play date we’ve had yet. Basically my friend showed up with two of her kids, and all four girls went off and I had a peaceful chat with my friend for 2 hours. It was lovely.

For the long weekend we worked on the back yard as it has been un-playable for a couple months. We set up water toys for the girls yesterday and they had a blast. Then Chris took the kids to his parents’ and they played in my in-laws’ pool for a few hours while Chris and I hung out at home. It was certainly nice having Chris home the extra day but today it’s back to the norm.

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