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Celebrate good times

By Tara Zandra | May 30, 2006

So, Sunday was all I could hope for to kick off the old birthday celebration. My mom ordered Pick-Up Stix and brought it over. Man, was that some good food. I had the Mongolian Tofu, Chris had Kung Pao Tofu and the kids had Lemon Tofu which Chris and I sampled and agreed it was our favorite. Surprisingly, neither kid ate it. Daisy is hit or miss on tofu so we weren’t sure which way it would go, but Tabitha not only loves tofu, she loves lemon and lemon flavoring so this should have been a slam dunk. Oh well, they both filled up on rice and chow mein instead. Daisy also totally chowed on a cream cheese filled wonton. My mom had sweet and sour chicken and said it was very good as well.

Next came presents, yay! They were from both her and my sister even though my sister couldn’t make it home due to finals. I received Mickey Mouse stepping stones and a Mickey Mouse porch light. You can see pics here for those who didn’t click the link in the right column earlier.

Tabitha helped my mom decorate my cake which was baked but not frosted. Mom frosted and Tabitha added sprinkles and then put candles on in the shape of a 3 and a 2. She was quite proud of herself for that idea and it came out nice. I simply wasn’t prepared to make a wish so I went with a very generic one that is sure to come true.

After my mom left, Chris installed my porch light for me. I just love it! I don’t remember the rest of the evening, I think that’s because I went to bed at 9:30, lol.

Yesterday Daisy and I started the morning with Kindermusik which went fabulously. She had such a great time and was a big hit with all the dancing she did. She’s the oldest in the class and the most mobile and all the other moms (except the teacher) are only on their first kid so they thought she was cute. I mean, I thought she was frickin’ adorable, but then, she’s my kid :) Once home we all did an errand and then relaxed at home. Daisy took a nap and then we ran another errand then relaxed at home. Lather, rinse repeat until finally we were home for good. We hit the backyard with the kids and enjoyed watching them play. The playhouse is all cleaned out as is the Cozy Coupe for Daisy. Tabitha received it when she was, um, two, I think. Now, the kid looks like a giant next to it. It really hit home how big she is to see that she could not possibly squash herself into this car that was hers originally and we didn’t really realize that of course she had outgrown it. I don’t usually get teary-eyed over her growing up, but that got me and I spent a few minutes contemplating the wonder that is my Tabitha.

Today was a regular day, whatever, but tonight, it was celebration numero dos. My mil and fil took us out to dinner at Northwoods Inn (my choice) and dinner was fabulous. Daisy was antsy but Chris and I managed to control her. Tabitha just likes to smash peanuts open for everyone. Chris and I ate way too much in the form of two salads and baked potatoes with creamy cheese butter. Even Daisy ate the potato and she never eats potatoes in any form, that shows how good that cheese butter really is to eat. I received the obligatory waiter-sing-a-long and a nice big serving of orange sherbet which made Tabitha’s mouth water and her eyes to grow as big as saucers. Needless to say, I share it with her. As my gift, I received a lovely drop necklace with matching earrings and the wonderful gift of shopping which I plan to make complete use of tomorrow.

And now, ’tis the eve of my birthday. It will be slightly unusual as Chris has not accrued any vacation time due to only being with his company 5 months. So, it’s just me and the kids. I’m leaning towards my traditional trip to Disneyland, but I haven’t completely made up my mind. I have no birthday dinner plans, but I don’t think I’m cooking. Maybe we’ll all just sit around and eat toast, lol.

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