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weekend wrapup

By Tara Zandra | March 10, 2008

Saturday morning Tabitha finally realized one of her long-awaited dreams and went to sell cookies at a booth sale. Though they didn’t sell a lot, she had a blast. She wore a Samoa costume and danced around and was chanting with another troop across the street. She cannot wait to do it again next year.

After lunch, Chris and I did some work on the back yard since I promised the girls they can play back there this week. That afternoon we all went to Ikea where we picked up some tension wire which Chris hung in the girls’ closet for all the American Girl clothes.

Sunday, Tabitha and I went to an American Girl Fashion show while Chris and Daisy spent time at his parents’. The show was very cute and Tabitha had a fabulous time. It was a charity event they do every year so I imagine we’ll be back next year.

We got home at the exact time as Chris and Daisy then we all went out to dinner at Acapulco’s and walked around Toys R Us. Daisy has store credit there from a returned birthday gift, but there was just nothing we needed to buy so we left empty handed.

Once we got Daisy to bed, then the rest of us watched the last 3 episodes of Endurance: Fiji then Tabi went to bed and Chris and I watched a bit of tv and spent some much-needed time together.

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