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wigglin’ good time

By Tara Zandra | March 29, 2008

I finally found that motivation yesterday and the kids and I had a lovely session of lessons. I introduced “the” to Miss Daisy but she never really did grasp it. But she did do very well with remembering a word that she already read and she’s getting much quicker at sounding out. I ordered the Bob Books so I’ll start her on those as soon as they come in.

Tabitha and I are switching up her math lessons. We’ve done Saxon since she ws 5 and right now I’m feeling like we’re not progressing. I know repetition is a big part of the program and that has always worked well for us, but we’re currently in Math 5/4 and it seems like she’s only doing the same thing over and over with very sporadic instances of new topics. For now I’m using it as a guideline but am switching it up a bit and using my own words and explanations. I need to be careful though as she does not have my appreciation for math and therefore I need to explain things in ways she understands, not the way I understand. We’ll see how it goes for awhile. The luxury of homeschooling is being able to find exactly what works for your kid :)

I was feeling in the mood for a movie last night but there was nothing on Pay-Per-View and our Netflix movie is Cars. So Chris went to the grocery store to the dollar rental machine and brought home “Dan in Real Life.” I wasn’t real excited about it but it was a great movie! I just loved it and thought it was very enjoyable which is really all I look for in a movie.

After the movie we were both a little wired (could have had something to do with the Ben&Jerrys, yummmmm) so we listened to a bit of music on i-tunes for awhile- new Racontuers, Serj Tankian and even some Led Zeppelin. We just talked and listened and hung out together and had a great time. We finally went to be at 3:00. Of course this morning there was a little tap-tap-tapping on my door at 7:27am. I pulled Daisy into bed with us but she had little interest in going back to sleep. She pretty much sighed loudly and asked how much longer for half an hour before I dragged myself out of bed to start the day. She’s been sleeping until well past 8:30am all week, why did she choose today to get up so early?

After the rest of the family was up we decided to go to a mall. I dressed Daisy in what I call her fairy dress and she insisted on wearing wings as well. While at the mall, we were sitting down enjoying our Mrs. Fields cookies and I saw a Picture People. I had the bright idea to see if they had any walk-in appts. available since Daisy looked so darn cute. She hasn’t had her picture professionally taken since she was 11 months old because she always freaked out at photographers. So all my photos of her were taken by me, which is fine as I have a good camera, but inside shots are so hard due to her red eyes and we really don’t have any good outside locations. Anyway, they were able to take her so we got started after I warned the photographer that it might be difficult and that it’s okay if she doesn’t smile because she is really beautiful when she doesn’t. But all my warnings were for naught. The kid performed! She had a great time and did everything the photographer said. The girl did have to keep telling Daisy to look at the camera because she tends to smile and look away. Chris and I were just amazed how well Daisy did. And also completely thrilled. So thrilled that we bought their club membership and I’m already making plans for sister pictures and then family pictures. I no longer have a scanner so I’ll have to share the two poses we bought by taking a picture of a picture. I’ll get to to that in a day or two.

After the mall we made a brief stop at home for lunch and then off we went to the new Nokia Theatre for “Pop Go the Wiggles!” Great show, as always. This marks the fifth show for Tabitha and I and the fourth for Chris and Daisy; though Daisy slept through every single minute of her first show so I don’t know that it should be counted. Tabitha still has a great time which I love because every year I know it could be the last show for her. Honestly we all have so much fun that I don’t know if she’ll ever quit going! LOL I plan to take any future neices and nephews to see the Wiggles after my own kids no longer want to go. As long as they tour, I’ll be there :)

I know we’re goofy for loving the Wiggles this much, but it’s really just about having a good time as a family. We sing the songs, do the dances and have a great time together, all while be surrounded by other families having just as much fun as we are. On the way home I was so filled with happiness for my family. I’m so lucky to have found Chris and to have these amazing girls. I cherish everything we have as a family and try really hard not to take it for granted.

Life is beautiful when you’re surrounded by love.

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2 Responses to “wigglin’ good time”

  1. Marion Goulding Says:
    March 30th, 2008 at 6:55 am

    Daisy is a beautiful little girl!!! Family days are nice, aren’t they? I find as my kids get older, those “family” days are further and further apart.

    Take care
    (from snowy AND sunny Nova Scotia)

  2. Mel Says:
    March 30th, 2008 at 9:52 am

    Life is beautiful when you’re surrounded by love.

    —–so very true!!!!