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My motivation got up and left

By Tara Zandra | March 28, 2008

Today is one of those beautiful days where I usually get a lot done. Not today. I need to get all this candy and junk food out of the house. It’s seriously weighing me down (probably literally as well). I’m eating too much crap and hardly any good stuff so I feel yucky physically. I’m getting the bare minimum done and I was hoping for more.

I spent two days this week just reading for hours at a time. That’s always a mixed blessing. Tuesday I read the fifth Sisters Grimm book. It was good, but I don’t like “to be continued” endings and they always have that! Very frustrating, lol. Yesterday I read Miss Marple’s last case “The Sleeping Murder.” I really enjoyed it and am sad that I’ve finished them all. There are still Agatha Christie books I haven’t read though, I just need to get them. The bad part of spending the afternoon reading is when I finish the book, I feel dissatisified with how I spent my time. But I can’t get the time back so it leaves me kind of grumpy.

I’d like to do one of two things, either lessons with Tabitha or get a scrapbook layout done. But I feel so sluggish I fear neither will occur. At this point I’m just passing time for the next two hour when Chris calls and the weekend can officially begin.

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