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just a week

By Tara Zandra | March 27, 2008

My sister is home on Spring Break, so yesterday she and my mom picked up Tabitha and took her to my grandfather’s house for a visit. I didn’t think Daisy would be welcoming to the idea, so she and I stayed home. Of course, that cheesed her off because she doesn’t like people to leave without her. My mom is coming to watch the kids for a whole day in a couple weeks, so she’ll get her Grandma-time very soon.

I had envisioned a lovely Mommy/Daisy day, but honestly that didn’t really happen. She doesn’t like to play with me and seemed rather resentful that I expected to spend time with her. She spent most of the time playing completely by herself ignoring me. I wanted to go run an errand so I offered her the bookstore as a peace offering which she accepted. Until we got to the first store at which point she started crying and telling me she didn’t want to go anywhere with me. Based on yesterday’s behaviour, you would never know that this kid breaks into tears if she can’t find me in the house after looking in one room and refuses to let me out of her sight most of the day. Yesterday she was just mad and I was the object of her wrath.

But she did have a good time at the bookstore at least. She got a couple new books and she was quite pleased with that. I was looking for a complete set of Kaya books for our first American Girl book club meeting (Personal to V regarding G and the book club- my emails to you are bouncing, please email me) but they didn’t have them so I’ll just order them off Amazon. They also didn’t have the first set of Bob books so I’ll order those for Daisy as well.

Once home, Daisy continued to ignore me and watched Peter Pan. I thought I’d scrapbook but I had the beginnings of a bad headache and just sat around and took care of laundry. After my mom, sister, and Tabitha came home, they stayed to visit for awhile and when they left, it was time to start dinner. By then my headache was strong and Daisy literally spit food out of her mouth so I left the table and took Excedrin and a very hot bath. Of course, then Daisy couldn’t bear to be away from me and visited me twice. After my bath, I read on my bed and she came to keep me company and we ended up doing 5 Little Monkeys and at that point, all was well between us again.

Today is going well, though I still have a horrible headache. I’m kind of putzing around while Daisy naps. I’m trying to decide if I want to take Tabitha to Girl Scouts tonight. I’m just not in the mood to drive out there and either entertain Daisy for an hour and a half or convince her going to a store for an hour and a half will be fun. On the other hand, if I stay home, I have to go to the grocery store and cook dinner which really doesn’t sound like fun. And, of course, deal with Tabi being cheesed off at not going.

Anyway, sorry for the gloomy gus posting. If this headache and tiredness would just away, I think all would be well.

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