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Got a lot done

By Tara Zandra | March 19, 2008

All I have left on Tabitha’s dress is to hand-sew three buttons and then it will be completely done. The pattern went fairly quick and was easy to understand. That being said, I made a few mistakes that cost me a large amount of time with my seam ripper. I’m hoping to finish the buttons while watching TV with Chris tonight.

Tomorrow is busy, but I must find time to work on Daisy’s dress. I wanted to get it started today, but it’s laundry day so that took a lot of time away from sewing. Not to mention the time wasted on Webkinz ::blush::

The girls played together most of the day. They enjoyed being outside in the sun even though it wasn’t as warm as it had been. Daisy likes the sand table, but hates when the sand falls onto her feet and goes through the holes in her crocs. I can’t exactly prevent that though short of making her wear socks and tennis shoes outside all the time and I don’t think she’ll like that.

After dinner, Tabitha worked on her book club stuff and Daisy asked to do lessons. Since I had just painted her toenails, I didn’t want her to move around so we just sat where we were and worked on reading with her Magna Doodle. The kid had a breakthrough! We’ve been working on it for awhile and she finally blended two unrelated words without any help from me! She read PIN and DOG. I wrote a simple sentence for her (A dog sat.) to get across the word “A” and she did need help with the word SAT. Plus, she didn’t quite make the connection that the word she just read was always the same word and insisted on sounding out DOG each time. Which is fine, she’s new at this reading thing, I’ll cut her some slack, lol. With Tabitha, I used the Now I’m Reading series once she made the blending connection, but I’m thinking of going with Bob Books first this time. I hope she’s able to hold onto this victory for a little while, she was so proud of herself :)

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One Response to “Got a lot done”

  1. Vanessa Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 11:14 pm

    Yay for Daisy! That’s a great accomplishment. Bummer about the sand in the Crocs, but that’s the price you pay for playing with sand … not that that logic is likely to carry much weight with a 3-year-old, LOL.

    Gillian had some of the Bob books when she was first learning to read, but what she really loved were the Brand New Readers. She’s still got the Worm ones and won’t let me give them away, even though she moved past them years and years ago.