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weekend update

By Tara Zandra | May 28, 2006

Tabitha is more or less healthy again and even Daisy seems way better despite her cold not breaking out until Thursday night. We did cancel a play date for today, but I probably didn’t need to afterall. It works out though because Tabitha’s friend has been battling her own illness so we’ll all just get together next weekend instead.

However, today officially kicks off my birthday celebration as my mother is bringing over lunch (Pick-Up Stix) so we can celebrate. Yay ME! LOL

Friday night we did go out as planned. My in-laws sprung for really good seats at Fantasmic! at Disneyland that also includes a dessert buffet. If there is one thing Disney knows, it’s desserts. Yum does not begin to describe them. There were macaroons dipped in chocolate and I don’t know how I’ve gone my whole life not having a macaroon; I love coconut. Once you dip it in chocolate that is just the best thing. There were also Tabitha’s favorite of chocolate dipped strawberries, Daisy had a raspberry jam filled sugar cookie with a layer of chocolate on the bottom and there was also a bit of biscotti, with chocolate. They also had rice krispy treats with a Mickey face in, yep, chocolate. We all enjoyed what we ate and then it was time for the show. Tabitha hasn’t seen it in roughly two years so she was thrilled. Daisy did pretty well, but considering she was sick and therefore tired, the show did lag in a couple places and was a tad long for her. Thankfully we had front row so she just walked around in front of us and danced and basically enjoyed herself. She got antsy towards the end, but then it was the big finale and overall, I never once felt I should get up and leave with her so that’s a success!

Yesterday we puttered around the house. During Daisy’s nap, Chris, Tabitha and I went into the backyard to get a bit of work done. Chris got out the last of the root from the bush I hacked down. Now the area is ready for replanting. We all took care of some weeds and I also broke down a large box from something we bought last week. We ran a couple places and then Chris left with his brother to go watch the Oilers beat the Ducks last night. The kids and I went for a walk to 7-11 for treats and then I threw the kids into a bath before putting Daisy to bed. Tabitha and I played a couple games and just as I was putting her into the bed, Chris came home so the timing was good. He and I then watched some shows before heading off to bed ourselves.

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