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baskets and violin

By Tara Zandra | March 15, 2008

Last night I went to Target to finish up everything I needed for the girls’ Easter baskets. Their baskets will be very simple this year compared to past years. I’m just so burnt on buying things as that’s all we’ve done for months. There was Christmas and both birthdays and then three trips which not only meant souvenirs but also just buying things to make traveling easier- like DVDs and small toys for car or plane rides. There’s just nothing left to buy, lol.

Daisy’s basket will have a Little People DVD, two Little Einsteins books, three very tiny chocolate Lindt bunnies, jellybeans mixed into the grass, 4 wooden animals for her fairy house, and 1 rubber duck. Tabitha’s basket will have a Barbie DVD, a Fairy Realm book, an Easter themed Kelly doll, jellybeans, a medium Lindt bunny, and a complete set of food for her dollhouse. I didn’t even buy candy to fill the eggs because I’m candied out. They both love coins so we’ll just get plenty of change for them and fill all the eggs. At some point we need to plan to color eggs as well.

Today, Chris got to be a single parent while I sewed. And sewed and sewed some more. Tomorrow is Tabitha’s violin recital and she wanted me to make her a dress, but I put it off until today telling myself it was a “Simplicity” pattern and therefore shouldn’t take too long. Wrong! There was a part that I had to re-pin 4 or 5 times before it was right. But Tabitha loves her dress and it’s all worth it, of course. Too bad she’ll only wear it once. But it’s music notes and violins, not exactly an everyday dress, lol. I haven’t taken pictures yet so I’ll share later.

And now it’s time to get kiddos off to bed and then I’m hoping to watch August Rush before collapsing myself. Daisy has not been sleeping well at all. Which means I haven’t been sleeping well. She woke me up 6 times Wed. night, 4 times Thursday night and 5 or 6 times last night. I’m beat.

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