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Now that’s a field trip

By Tara Zandra | March 3, 2008

I mentioned that we started a US History book a couple weeks ago. Just a few pages into the book talks about ancient Native American (including Central and South America) people. One group was called the Hohokam and they were located in present day Phoenix. Thanks to Google I found two places of interest about the Hohokam and since Phoenix is only 5 hours away, I planned a quick weekend trip. So that’s what led to us leaving her at 6:00am Saturday morning and returning home Sunday night at 9:45pm.

Saturday we went to Casa Grande which is an actual structure built around 1350AD by the Hohokam people. While you can no longer walk inside the ruins, it was still amazing to stand before it. Though I won’t proclaim to have felt an ancient presence, I really appreciated the representation of the past. Since it’s a National Monument, Tabitha was able to participate in the Junior Ranger Program and earn her first Junior Ranger Badge. We also picked up a National Parks Passport book and are going to use it as a guide to other places to visit.

I happen to have an aunt and uncle who live in Phoenix so we stopped by their house after the ruins. The girls ran around the backyard, which was probably very necessary after the long day in the car. They played with my aunt and uncle’s dog and enjoyed being free. We chatted for a little more than an hour and then headed to our hotel. Since this was planned without any real planning, we had used Hotwire and ended up at the Crowne Plaza which was just fine. We got a great deal and it suited our needs.

Sunday morning we headed to the Outlets at Anthem. I went for one specific store- a Naartjie outlet. Sadly I was disappointed. While even their receipts proclaim them an outlet, I don’t think they know the definition. I certainly couldn’t see any difference from their regular stores. They even had the last outfit I bought Daisy (in December, I think) and it wasn’t marked down at all. I still bought both girls an outfit since I was there and I hadn’t bought anything from their spring line yet, but I must say I wasn’t happy to have driven that far out of our way for a store that’s 40 minutes from my house. There was a Gymboree outlet and also a Gap outlet and I did rather well in those stores. Chris also went into a Gregory Beene outlet and bought a new outfit for work.

We ate lunch at the food court and then headed off to our next historical destination- Pueblo Grande Museum. Since it’s a museum, there were inside exhibits dealing with the life of the Hohokam and also an archaeology exhibit. Then we headed outside and walked around some ruins and also inside replicas of Hohokam houses. Both kids picked out a trinket in the gift shop and I bought my magnet as usual.

Coming home was uneventful and I was pleased to be able to stare at the sky in the desert. I don’t know if there is a more beautiful sight than the desert sky. There was no moon to be seen and the stars were spellbinding. I talked with Tabitha about them for a bit and also spent a fair amount of time just looking at them in peace. They give off such a feeling of renewal, I felt I could breathe in their energy.

Today Tabitha and I talked about our trip and all we saw and learned. She really enjoyed it and wants to do more roadtrips in the future. Daisy may disagree, though she loves going places, even DVDs get boring after that long in the car.

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