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staying home

By Tara Zandra | February 27, 2008

We had zero classes so far this week and I must say it has been very nice. Certainly doesn’t make me want to rush out and sign the kiddos up for promised dance and gymnastics classes. But alas, tomorrow we’re back to the norm with gymnastics, book club, muffin baking, errand running and girl scouts. I don’t think any lessons will be had by the big one but she absolutely has to practice violin as she has a recital coming up. I’d also like her to practice typing since she didn’t today. I can’t imagine anything else will get done. At some point I need to finish Daisy’s thank you cards and finish the newsletter for the girl scout meeting.

The weather has been so lovely, my spirits really just soar during the day. Today I was sitting on the couch reading, smelling the outdoors through the open windows. It was rather peaceful since Daisy was napping and Tabitha was Webkinz-ing. It was one of those moments that happen often, but spaced out just enough to really appreciate them when they appear. My “content” moments I like to call them.

We did not go anywhere today since we took Chris’s car to the mechanic for a brake job. He then took my car to work, but it’s okay that we didn’t go anywhere, it allowed Tabitha more downtime to finish this extremely mild cold. I hesitate to even call it that. But of course, now that I’ve said that, she’ll probably develop the cough from Hades as is her norm. Monday night she had a sore throat, Tuesday and today just a little stuffiness and she says she feels fine. Since she always seems to have the worst colds it’s nice she can catch a break this time.

I’ll wrap up this none-too-interesting post :)

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