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By Tara Zandra | February 26, 2008

There were a few things I forgot to mention about our trip.

One night we went to dinner at Ed Debevic’s! This is a restaurant that used to be in Beverly Hills that was kind of fun to go to on dates or group dates. It’s 1950s themed and the waiters and waitresses are all in character (usually rude) and they’ll dance and sing on the countertops every so often on busy nights. Just obnoxiously fun. Chris and I were sad to find out about the closure in Beverly Hills so could not wait to go to the one in Chicago since it was a couple miles from our hotel. We had a great waiter and good food. It wasn’t busy at all so no singing and dancing but nice nostaligia for Chris and I.

I mentioned our hotel was Sofitel, they are owned by Accor, that would be the same people who run Motel 6. Really the hotel was gorgeous, but there were unfortunate issues. We got locked out of our room not once, but twice. Once because the key demagnitized and once because the battery in the door died. Now these things happen, but they staff did not respond in a timely manner. Considering once was 11:15 at night and we had two kids with us, they should have been on top of it in less than 30 minutes. The other time I was alone with the kids and had to call twice just to get someone to come up at all. That was kind of the final straw. They also seemed to have issues keeping track of our car. They basically told us they lost it and we were always left waiting way too long for it to be brought up front. So after the second lock out issue, Chris went down and talked to the manager. He’s really good at that kind of thing because he’s professional and stays calm. He let her know everything that had occured and how poorly things were handled since apologies were never issued. They compensated us by taking off the valet parking charge, which at $40 a day, it really adds up. Of course, we weren’t paying for it, so we really didn’t get anything personally other than finally an apology (And I didn’t expect anything else). What I really want is for them to realize that their customer service isn’t quite up to snuff. I told Chris that it really kind of soured me on Sofitel hotels.

Lastly, we went to a restaurant, a sit down restaurant no less, that doesn’t accept anything other than cash. Seriously. In 2008 they don’t take credit cards. Thankfully we had researched the restaurant before going to make sure their menu worked for us so we did know it was cash only. What we didn’t know is they also don’t offer free refills on soda!! Who are these people who run this restaurant?

Today is 80 degrees- so good to be home :) The plan was to get donut holes and go to a park, but the girls already ate waffles and Tabi seems to be starting a cold and slept until 10:15am. I also need to go to Target. But I’d really like to be in the sunshine. I’m thinking tomorrow we might go to the zoo or aboretum just to soak up those glorious rays.

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