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By Tara Zandra | February 16, 2008

Last night I asked Chris if he was up for another of my insane ideas (I currently have two in the works so wasn’t sure he could deal with a third). He agreed and I told him I wanted the wall in the living room painted today completely. The thing that makes it crazy is today was also Daisy’s birthday party. But both got done- quite swimmingly I might add.

Chris and I emptied two bookcases after the girls went to bed last night, but that’s all the prep work we did. After Daisy was off my lap this morning after drinking her morning cup of milk, I took down all the red paper we had put up over Christmas to cover the spackle and ugly-yellow-green wall. Then Chris got to to work sanding down all the spackle. He ran to Home Depot for supplies. Once back at home he sprayed orange peel on the wall, waited for it to dry and then primed. During the priming process, Daisy and I ran a quick errand for tension rods for the kitchen window. There have been blue metal blinds there since before I moved it. And since they’ve never had a good cleaning on my watch, they need to go. I found clearance cafe curtains at Target last night that I really like. But they are a tad too long. I had to buy two packages to have enough for the width because the window is really wide but not tall at all. I plan to hem the curtains tomorrow though and then they’ll be all set.

So after I was home from the errand, the priming was finished. Chris and I had lunch while it dried then he painted it the same gray as the half wall shared by the living room and entry way. My mom came to get Tabitha and took her to lunch and the Hannah Montana movie (that’s a good Grandma, lol). I got Daisy ready to go and off we went to her party.

We held it where she takes gymnastics. This is the first time I’ve ever not held a birthday party in the house, so it was odd. But it worked for our curret needs and the kids had a great time. We had two last minute cancellations which is always the way when a birthday is in cold and flu season. But there were 4 guests plus Daisy and they had the run of the place. Bouncing, flying on the zip line, playing in the ball pit- all was met with great enthusiasm. Daisy did really well saying thank you to everyone after she opened a gift, but when the gifts ran out she did exactly what I was afraid of and got sad that there weren’t anymore. What can you expect? She’s 3 :)

Once we arrived back home, Chris went back to Home Depot to buy baseboards and then painted them black (excuse me- forged iron) to match the doors and trim in the entry way. After they dried and he got them nailed to the wall, he brought the bookcases back in and put all the books back. Now he and Tabi are playing a new Mario game together in our freshly painted living room. Oh, there’s still one really big wall, one medium wall and one small wall to paint, but none of them are having paneling or wallpaper taken down so it’s really just a matter of finding another day to make it work.

I’m really pleased with how it came out. Our purple couch looks gorgeous against the gray wall. Once the room has new carpet and window treatments it will be fabulous! Our plan was to replace the couch this year (still purple velvet though), but I’m really thinking it will be fine another year so I’m not putting too much energy into that right now.

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