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the wind is blowing

By Tara Zandra | February 15, 2008

We wore shorts on Sunday. Today the kids and I were huddling together whenever we were outside of the car. High 60s isn’t cold, unless the wind whips that air right through you.

We did gymnastics and book club this morning and then the girls and I went to the mall for a quick trip. I picked up pictures and they both conned me into a new Webkinz (kangaroo for the little one and the new cheeky dog for the big one- I called it a Valentine’s gift to persuade myself I wasn’t really just giving in to the pleading eyes), then I hit the sales at Gymboree and Gap Kids. They both got a summer outfit from each store and I earned gymbucks for more savings in April. Gap came out with the cutest sunflower stuff and I just love it all! I don’t want to get 3 sunflower outfits for Daisy though, so I need to make a decision and just get one. There’s also a new sun dress Tabi wants so after I make those purchases, I think their needs for summer will be covered and then everything else is just the wants. As always, I fill in the basics with Target and Old Navy.

I did a Valentine’s Day like dinner tonight. Fettucine Alfredo topped with a saute of red and yellow peppers and paper-thin slices of zucchini, veggie sausage, cheese bread, and salad. The girls had broccoli in lieu of the pepper and zucchini mixture. It was all rather tasty. Chris brought home a nice card and a box of candy for me :) I had bought him a frosted slice of cookie cake from Mrs. Fields. Sweets for the sweet and all that, lol.

We decided to make bedtime as smooth as possible so we put the kids in PJs and went for a drive. Daisy conked out in 10 minutes. Came home and put her in bed, then Chris, Tabitha and I watched 2 episodes of Endurance before sending her off to bed at which point Chris and I watched Survivor. I then hopped into a scalding bath while he watched Lost, which he’s still doing.

I started the next trip summary and I’m almost done. Then I just need to get the picture page going and I’ll upload.

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One Response to “the wind is blowing”

  1. Mel Says:
    February 15th, 2008 at 9:24 am

    That dinner sounds great!! We went to Macaroni Grill and their fettucine alfredo is nowhere near as creative! LOL