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Disney World ‘08- Day 5

By Tara Zandra | March 25, 2008

Monday was going to be a rather cold day. As in highs in the low 50s, which I know isn’t cold for some places, but it’s cold for Florida and it’s cold for us :) Since the girls were going to be covered in jackets, I figured I might as well skip the customs and just put them in jeans, long sleeve shirts and their jackets. After a leisurely breakfast at Pop Century food court we were on our way. Our destination was the Future World part of Epcot.

Much like our first trip, we headed out to Journey into Imagination with Figment first thing. We were the only guests on the ride and then we had fun playing with all the photo stations. After that we waited around forever to visit with Figment. While we waited, the photopass guy took lots of fun pics of the girls in the funhouse mirrors.

Next we headed to the new Finding Nemo attraction. We waited about 15 minutes which gave us just enough time to really enjoy the queue. It’s set up so you start above water on a pier and by the time you board the ride, you’re supposed to be under water. Realy well done. The ride itself was kind of eh up until the very end which was great. I prefer Disneyland’s Finding Nemo Submarine ride.

Daisy was nervous the first time through, but once it finished she realized it was no big deal and asked to go on again. Chris took her while Tabitha and I explored the Living Seas. After we all met up, Daisy started really begging for a giant lollipop. We bought her a twisted stick and she heartily attacked it. Tabitha waited until later when she found the exact one she wanted.

Next was over to The Land pavillion. We rode Living with the Land which was just as good as we remembered. We enjoy seeing the different fruits and vegetable grown in unique ways. Once Daisy’s old enough, we’d really love to do their tour entitled “Behind the Seeds.” We had lunch at Sunshine Seasons in The Land (veggie sushi for me!) and then went to the two Innoventions buildings.

After doing all the hands-on activities it was on the newly redesigned Spaceship Earth (that’s the ride inside the giant Epcot ball). Some people don’t care for the changes, but I enjoyed them. Of course, this was only my second time riding so that could be part of it.

By then it was around 7:30pm and we left to go play miniature golf. Daisy hadn’t napped so at that point we had to make sure she stayed awake. We give her the twisted lollipop back and that pretty much did the trick. We left Epcot via the International Gateway in World Showcase. We took a ferry over to The Boardwalk Resort. It was so beautiful lit up in the night and really made us wish to go back there. I’d like to not only go there for a visit but I’d also love to stay at this resort.

We continued on the ferry and got off at the Swan and Dolphin resorts and walked over to Fantasia Gardens miniature golf course. Turns out, Daisy loves miniature golf! She thought it was the best thing in the world. Since Tabitha hadn’t been in years, she was also thrilled to be out there. The whole course is themed to the movie Fantasia and was rather well done. Thankfully all the water fountains were turned off so there was no fear of getting wet.

We had a great time, but by the time we were done it was past 10:00pm and it was really started to be freezing. We still had a long way to go to get back to our resort. We had to walk back to the Swan and Dolphin, wait (outside) for about 20 minutes, ride the bus for the next 30 minutes while it stopped at several other resorts then finally get to Epcot so we could change busses back to our resort. But luck was with us and the bus we were on changed it’s route at Epcot and became the Pop Century bus so we never had to get off. Somewhere in all this, Daisy conked out for the night.

Another excellent day at the World.

Pictures are here.

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