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Idol chatter

By Tara Zandra | May 24, 2006

I must say, if every episode of American Idol was anywhere near as entertaining as tonight’s episode, I would gladly make it “must see tv” every week and I’d certainly enjoy it a heck of a lot more. The Puck vs. Pickler stuff was pretty stupid, but even that was at least kind of funny. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and did not suffer from the usual case of “Get to it already Ryan!” feeling. Although, saying 64 million votes is more than the President was stupid, you only get one vote for the President, not unlimited like American Idol.

Anyway, very glad I watched and I’m happy for the winner. I think it was the right choice for many reasons and hope they can have a nice career after they leave the clutches of Idol contracts. I’m most looking forward to Chris Daughtry’s music and hope it can get released fairly soon.

Chris (not Daughtry, lol) is currently watching Lost which I do not watch. I hate when we differ on shows, but at least if it’s something I watch and he doesn’t I can watch it during the day when he’s not home. So he’s parked in front of the TV for the next hour or so and I don’t feel like going to bed so I think I’ll be Simming it for awhile.

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2 Responses to “Idol chatter”

  1. ASHLEY (your sister) Says:
    May 25th, 2006 at 2:43 pm

    I was originally going to say that you don’t know what you’re missing by not watching Lost, but then again… that show is very frustrating and unsatisfying at times. I blame my roommates for getting me involved with J.J. Abrams.

  2. Melody Says:
    May 28th, 2006 at 7:35 am

    Jim and I don’t always watch the same shows either. I tape shows like Pepper Dennis, 7th Heaven and watch them after he goes to sleep. But LOST, we watched the pilot two years ago together, and were hooked after the first five minutes. We both enjoy it entirely too much.
    He hates Idol but I always manage to get him involved when the auditions take place, then I’ll say “let’s just watch a few episodes” and then we’ll end up watching the season. Last summer, I decided I wanted to watch Big Brother for the first time. The first episode was SO GOOD that I got Jim to watch with me, he got involved and cursed the whole time. But enjoyed the entertainment. ;)
    I managed to get Jim to watch the finale of 7th Heaven WITH me, wow that was a shocker. But then they released the news that 7th Heaven isn’t ending after all, that it’s coming BACK! Jim was not too happy about that, LOL! He won’t be watching that with me again.