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Valentine’s Party

By Tara Zandra | February 9, 2008

We had our Valentine’s Party at park day yesterday. The weather cooperated and gave us gorgeous clear skies and high 70s. We had a rather nice turnout and I enjoyed remembering that last year we had about a 1/3 of the kids we have now. And more are joining our group all the time! I spent years looking for a park group for Tabitha so I feel so fortunate to finally be a part of a large, active group that I love.

Our contribution was chocolate chip mini- muffins in the shape of hearts. I had bought a silicone, muffin pan from Wilton’s. I didn’t want the muffins to mound too much because then the heart shape wouldn’t be noticeable. So I only put a little bit of batter in the cups for my first batch. But then the muffins looked like little rocks, albeit, heart-shaped rocks. So I put more batter in batch #2 and sure enough, you can’t tell they are hearts except from the bottom. But they tasted good so I can’t imagine anyone really cared. Maybe they’ll work better as cupcakes.

Thursday night, Tabitha and I went on a field trip with her Girl Scout troop. There’s a couple who have a Girl Scout memorabilia museum in their home and they offer tours to troops. Since I was a Girl Scout growing up, I was fascinated by all the stuff. They have uniforms on display and I loved being able to show Tabitha the version I wore when I was a brownie. The girls were very well behaved and totally into all the cool stuff. They offer a program for juniors as well, so we’ll be going back in a couple more years.

That little trip prompted me to pull out my old Girl Scout stuff. My mom gave me a box of it a few years ago. Tabitha loved looking through it and I plan to bring some of it to her meeting next week. I cannot find any of my old uniforms though and I’d really like to show the girls what I earned as an older Girl Scout (brownies didn’t earn badges in my time). I think they’d like that, but again, can’t really find them. Mom says she absolutely gave them to me so I guess it’s up to Chris and I to pull stuff out of storage in the garage. That is not going to be easy. We technically have a two-car garage but can only fit one car in there if that gives you any idea of how much stuff there is. I do know that while I kind of looked around last night I found one more box that belongs to my BIL so he can now be prepared to receive it on Monday (heads up, S!).

Today the girls are going to my in-laws’ and Chris and I will have the whole day to ourselves. I do want us to go out to lunch together (he has a gift card to On the Border my mom gave him) but other than that I just want us to do work at home and of course, hang out together. We came home from that wonderful 11 day vacation, but I felt like I didn’t get any time with him because we were never alone. So today is a bit of long-overdue alone time.

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One Response to “Valentine’s Party”

  1. Mel Says:
    February 9th, 2008 at 12:42 pm

    Sounds like fun with the party and the GS troop tour. I wish we could find a group to meld with but it’s yet to happen. I just don’t connect with 99% of the hs’ers I meet. They are either too religious, way too “hippy” for lack of a better word, or their kids are allowed to run amok without any manners, etc. It’s always something. The good news is that we’re too busy to fully participate with a group anyway. I’m in a group now but mainly as an email lurker that comes out on rare occasions if something interesting pops up, like now there is a tv station tour. We’ll do that. Oh well. I live in a pretty conservative area and it’s just so hard sometimes.