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the last week

By Tara Zandra | February 6, 2008

The birthdays are over :) Tabitha turned 9 last Wednesday and Daisy turned 3 on Monday. For Tabitha’s day, we had bought her heart shaped Krispy Kremes with sprinkles on top because they came out the day before her birthday and she had been waiting for them. We served her one for breakfast with a number nine candle in it. Then she opened her gifts from us. I made her two certificates, one for a complete, matching outfit from American Girl Place for her and Lindsay (her AG doll) and one to let her know she’d be attending the American Girl Fashion Show in March. Daisy picked out a Pixel Chix Roomie for her Roomies House. We then headed out to Disneyland where Tabitha got to dictate where we went and what we did. We finished the evening at Olive Garden.

For Miss Daisy, she started off opening her gifts- Thomas the Tank Engine magnetic set from Tabitha, Higglytown Heroes set, Lucky Ducks game, giraffe figure, and alphabet matching game. Then we headed to Disneyland. Daisy didn’t seem to be having a very good time so we had a family meeting and altered our plans. We went home where Chris built her a huge train set layout on the living room floor using every single train accessory we have. While he was doing that, I baked Daisy a cake because she had mentioned wanting cake with candles. I then made dinner for Daisy with everything tailored to her favorites (grapes, broccoli, french fries, salad, Boca sausage). After dinner, we turned off the lights and lit her candles and sang to her. She was thrilled how the cake came out because when she saw two round, unfrosted cakes on the cooling racks she was convinced I didn’t know how to bake a cake! After we sang, we brought out one more gift which was a doll stroller. She really loves that thing and I think our afternoon and evening were just what she wanted in a birthday.

In between those two days we’ve been busy. Thursday, Daisy went back to gymnastics and Tabitha went back to Girl Scouts. We brought snack for Girl Scouts to celebrate Tabitha’s birthday which was more sprinkled Krispy Kremes, lol. Friday the girls and I went to Park Day and then hit a new toy store for a birthday gift for a friend. Saturday we headed out to Long Beach for a chocolate festival! It was very cool. First we had lunch at Ruby’s Diner, then did a quick letterbox at a mini-mall. That was our first non-park or park-like setting for a letterbox. There was a Barnes & Noble in the mini-mall so we did some leisurely browsing. They had a fabulous kids’ section, including loads of stuff to use in lessons. I bought Daisy two more Kumon books since she begs for table work for lessons; that brings our total to 4 books for her which should be plenty for a 3 year old! For Tabitha I found a poetry book called “The Daily Spark: Poetry” which has 180 daily activities related to poetry. They are designed to only take 10 minutes a day so we’ll have no trouble adding it in to our packed lessons list. In addition to those, both kids picked out a book or two as did I (though I cannot find my book so haven’t read it yet).

After all that, it was on to the chocolate festival! Several business had a table set up on the sidewalk and they were selling chocolate goodies. Rather than deal with cash, one was to purchase books of 12 coupons and then each treat cost between 1 and 3 coupons. I had an amazing apple slice that had caramel, white chocolate and crushed Butterfinger. I don’t even like white chocolate and this was incredible. We split some treats and had our own for other treats. The pet store even had white chocolate dog treats out front so each child picked out a cookie for Gwen. We were all chocolated out before hitting all the tables so we called it a day. Next stop was Toys R Us and then home for the night.

Sunday was cold and ugly. But Tabitha had a birthday party to attend so out we went. It was held at Club Libby Lu at Downtown Disney. Chris and Daisy accompianied us and walked around until Daisy fell asleep in her stroller. Tabitha enjoyed her make-over and then all the girls were treated to ice cream (despite the cold, it was enjoyed). After the party, we came home for a little while then went over to my in-laws’ to celebrate the girls’ birthdays. They both received lovely gifts from their uncle and grandparents and then we all went out to dinner.

Yesterday and today were regular days. Other than Daisy is in the dress she wore yesterday and Tabitha is in her pajamas. Last night Daisy asked if she could sleep in her clothes. Since she wears very comfy, knit dresses and leggings, I agreed. This morning Tabitha really wanted to make it a PJs day since we weren’t going anywhere at all. I said yes as long as she brushed her teeth and hair so since she’s in her PJs, Daisy didn’t exactly want to change either. Tonight I dump them both in the tub though and make them put on fresh pajamas.

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4 Responses to “the last week”

  1. Mel Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 10:16 pm

    Happy Birthday to Daisy! That chocolate festival sounds like heaven!! And man oh man, we haven’t had Krispy Kreme in a LONG time. There is only ONE within an hour of here…B used to have a class down by it so we’d stop there on the way home sometimes but no more class, no more KK. Must make a trip down there. LOL She loves watching them being made through the glass too.

  2. Aunt Kari Says:
    February 7th, 2008 at 9:12 am

    Beautiful picture of Daisy. Happy birthday to both girls. Have enjoyed reading your DisneyWorld travelogue.

  3. Miss Quinlan Says:
    February 7th, 2008 at 7:32 pm

    Happy birthday to both girls! BTW, did Daisy get her hair cut?

  4. Sandy Says:
    February 9th, 2008 at 8:42 am

    A chocolate festival sounds right up my alley! LOL
    Happy Birthday Daisy!