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Turning 9

By Tara Zandra | January 25, 2008

Tabitha will be 9 next week and Chris and I have been a bit stumped for a birthday present. She was given a good digital camera and a Nintendo DS for Christmas, so there really wasn’t anything left for a “big” gift. Not to mention, the new bed is being considered a birthday gift. Chris and I had a few things in mind but none of them really have that WOW factor. Until today when the perfect gift fell into my lap. There’s a charity event in Pasadena in March that is an American Girl Fashion Show. How completely perfect for her! I’m going to mail off our registration tomorrow for the Saturday tea party. For her gift to unwrap I think I’ll make her a really nice invitation to the event as well as a Mama-made coupon for a new outfit for both her and Lindsay from American Girl Place. What Tabitha doesn’t know is there’s an American Girl Place in Chicago literally around the corner from our hotel and I’ll be taking the girls there. So I’ll buy the new outfits at that time. I’m so pleased the info came in the mail today and it really is the perfect gift without adding any more “stuff” to our over-stuft house (stuffed by my own choice, I’m not complaining).

Wednesday the girls and I went to Bower’s Museum so we could see their Mummies and Egyptian Artifacts display. Tabitha and I have been reading about Egypt in Story of the World and the exhibit is leaving at the end of March so it seemed a good time to go. This is not a museum we’d been to before so it was a new adventure. We first checked out the China exhibit and I was quite pleased to see items from the Shang Dynasty which we also read about. Daisy was happy in that room but the Gems exhibit wasn’t really to her liking. Of course, as the kids are opposites, it was Tabitha’s favorite display and she could have stayed there all day.

Next we moved on to the mummies. Daisy was enchanted! She loved the sarcophagi and kept saying she wanted to see more “mommies.” Tabitha was thrilled to see real wrapped mummies whereas I kind of found the whole thing a bit creepy. I’m not into the disturbing of bodies and that’s essentially what the entire exhibit was about. We watched a movie for a little while and it detailed how scientists learn from the unwrapped mummy bodies. That’s just wrong. Then the movie took a wrong turn where they were showing scenes from Indiana Jones and old horror movies so I hustled the kids out. Daisy was most indignant and insisted that was her favorite part.

We then hit the gift shop where I found some books for Tabitha, stickers for Daisy and a little Egyptian doll for each of them. All in all we had a really nice time on our little field trip. We plan to go back to their kid museum another time.

I think I’m going to start on the next installment of our trip report in a minute. Tabitha did a typing lesson and is now currently playing on the computer while Daisy naps. However, Daisy has a cold, so not sure how long she’ll be able to nap. Let’s hope I can get some work done on the trip report.

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