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Disney World ‘08 Days 1 and 2

By Tara Zandra | January 23, 2008

We decided to maximize our time in Disney World and take a red-eye flight Thursday night. Our other thought was we would sleep enough on the plane to be functional, but we knew it wouldn’t be enough and therefore going to bed that night would be easier for our PST bodies. It kind of worked, but not real well. Daisy fell asleep on the way to the airport which I had planned thinking she would transfer onto the plane. Instead she slept just enough to not want to go back to sleep once on the plane. Tabitha could not get comfortable for some reason and so with two squirmy kids, I didn’t get more than an hour and a half sleep myself. I doubt Chris got more than that either since he chose to watch “Rush Hour 3.”

Once we landed, the beauty of our early arrival really came into play. It was 6:05am and we were the only ones checking in with Magical Express (the bus service that would take us to our resort). Then we were the only ones on the bus so our driver was very attentive. Then we were the only people checking into our resort as well. What a wonderful surprise that our room was ready! We headed over there to drop off our carry-on items and then Tabitha wanted to walk around the resort for awhile.

We were staying at Pop Century again as I mentioned before. We downgraded after all our car issues ate into our vacation fund. Anyway, I think because we knew what to expect this time, the room didn’t seem nearly as small. Goodness knows it was larger than our room in Big Bear. Also, we were just so thrilled to be back in Disney World and the day was beautiful and the resort was peaceful. Walking around was a great way to start our trip. We saw lots of different birds and enjoyed the tranquility of being on vacation. Well, 3 of us enjoyed it. Daisy did fall asleep on the plane eventually and at this point in our day she was still asleep. So she enjoyed nothing more than being comfy in her stroller.

Hunger was starting to get to us so we hopped a bus and walked up to the Magic Kingdom right as they were opening. We stood on Main Street and just soaked it all in. Tabitha and I pulled out our cameras and just started snapping away. It really was a clear day and the temperature was almost too warm. Plus the park was so empty, I cannot imagine a better way to kick off our vacation. We found the bakery and enjoyed some goodies while performers on Main Street sang “I’m Walking Right Down the Middle of Main Street, USA” just like in my Disneyland Sing-along video. After we ate it was on to some rides. Since Daisy was asleep it made sense to do the things she can’t do so after getting fastpasses for Space Mountain we went over the Thunder Mountain. On our last trip Tabitha wasn’t doing thrill rides yet, so this was new for all three of us. First Tabitha and I walked onto Thunder and then Chris and Tabs walked on as well. It’s different than Disneyland’s version, but not in any way that matters. We took our time walking so as to be sure to really see everything. When we came upon Haunted Mansion we decided it was a good time to ride, again because Daisy doesn’t care for it. They’ve recently changed Haunted Mansion and now it is really similar to Disneyland’s with only minor differences. While Chris and Tabitha were riding, I did my best to wake Daisy. She rewarded me by opening her eyes, but not even the promise of Small World could get her to wake up for good.

We got fastpasses for Peter Pan and then headed over to Space Mountain. This time Chris rode first and I was finally successful in fully waking Daisy up. She was in a great mood and she and I enjoyed our time in a deserted corner of Tomorrowland. It was a very retro area that reminded me of old Tomorrowland in Disneyland. Since I think current Tomorrowland in both Disneyland and Magic Kingdom is very ugly, but in completely different ways, I liked finding a spot that was so nice. Daisy danced and I took pictures of her while we waited for Chris and Tabitha. By the time they came out it was time to head to lunch.

We had made a last minute ADR (advanced dining reservation) for Crystal Palace as it was such a good meal on our last trip. This time was no different. Daisy wasn’t too into eating which would become a recurring theme on this trip. But she was quite pleased to see Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet all stop by our table. The rest of us enjoyed our meals and were fortified to go back out.

We rode Peter Pan and Small World before it was decided we needed to go back to our room for a nap. Daisy was tired again, Tabitha was too, though she wouldn’t admit it, and Chris and I were on the threshhold of not being able to function so off we went. We all slept and woke a bit more refreshed. Then it was back to the Magic Kingdom.

We made sure to get some family pictures since Daisy was now awake unlike in the morning. It was just a bit more crowded now and we went in without a clear plan so honestly it wasn’t the best evening. We still managed to ride Tea Cups and explore Minnie’s House in Toontown. Then I took my turn with Tabi on Space Mountain while Chris took Daisy to the Toontown play area.

Afterwards we went to watch the Country Bear Jamboree and decided to end the night there. We chose not to watch the fireworks that night and instead beat the rush at the bus stop. Our plan worked very nicely as our bus was not crowded at all. We even got to see a few fireworks from the bus. I think we ate dinner at our resort, but honestly, I don’t remember, lol. I know there were issues getting the kids to sleep but eventually it all worked out and we woke ready for another day.

Photos can be seen in slide-show format here.

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  1. Mel Says:
    January 23rd, 2008 at 10:56 pm

    Awesome pics, and love the girls’ outfits!